Oct 14

Some of the interned men volunteered to serve. That’s why Miyagi’s wife died in a camp during childbirth while he was fighting overseas. It’s a real bummer all around.

Oct 12

Meanwhile, their new algorithm has been flagging posts like: “People in B.C. are so dumb,” as hate speech. My friend, who was born and raised there, and is still a resident, was just commenting on a new poll showing the provincial election being too close for comfort, and was warned that his account would be suspended Read more

Oct 12

It’s nice that he’s finally banned speech from people who would rejoice at the murder of his entire family.  It would be nicer if he would extend the same courtesy to families who aren’t his.

Oct 11

Riffing on hypocrisy and absurdity is a big part of Burr’s thing. He’s an angry, angry man, and stereotypes feature heavily in his material, but I’m not quite sure that it crosses the line into being hateful.

Oct 1

That was incredibly well produced.  The Hood Internet’s got some moves.

Sep 19

Hey Harron, just wanted to let you know that I always look forward to your weekend shifts, and enjoy your writing a great deal. Keep up the good work!

Sep 14

Yeah, starting her off with the YYZ drum solo would have been a bit of dick move.

Sep 9

I’m very, very optimistic about this movie.  Dune is one of my favourite books, and Villeneuve seems to be nailing... well... everything.

Sep 7

Britney seems to be having a pretty good time, honestly, in a DGAF kind of way. I wish more stars who totally have it made would be more like her, honestly. Read more

Sep 6

Nice! I’ve seen Mark Farina spin more times than I can remember, and he always absolutely destroys the dancefloor. Also a big, big fan of Ron Trent and Dustraxx.

Sep 5

Oh shit, no way! Some of my all-time favourite producers are all from Chicago (Paul Johnson, DJ Sneak, Green Velvet, DJ Rush, Gemini, Louis Bell, Tim Harper, Gene Farris, etc...) and I absolutely love everything that ever came out on Chicago Relief — still have about a hundred records from that label. Read more

Sep 4

She’s a great DJ — really like her programming.  Also glad that she rebranded to The Blessed Madonna, though.  That name really threw me for a loop when I first looked her up.

Sep 2

“Hold it right there, bald headed dude from Law and Order” kills me every time.

Sep 1

It would be a good place to start. There are so many other instances, though. I went on a deep dive about Reconstruction era African American communities, and this pattern just repeated itself over and over:
Read more

Sep 1

Thanks! Yeah, it was really bad timing, on top of everything else. Only a week before this happened, she was talking about how her income was improving for the first time since the pandemic started. Read more

Sep 1

Yeah, a friend of mine was adversely impacted by this. The pandemic took away her main source of income (bartending), so she sold some nude pics on a fairly popular site, built up a fanbase, and finally set up an OnlyFans account. Read more

Aug 21

It’s a bit of a metaphorical explanation of the process. The malted rice ferments and partly turns to vinegar, which ‘digests’ the seafood. It’s mostly made of squid viscera, with the bigger pieces being less ‘digested’ than the smaller ones. The aim is even taste, though.