10:16 PM

I feel like it's a mystery I'm about to unlock. Maybe parents have to think it's cute in order not to be grossed out all the time? Maybe babies are so gross everything gets recalibrated? Because I'm stumped as to why anyone thinks it's cute!

8:15 PM

I think almost all new babies are ugly; lots of kids, too. But that’s why I like seeing baby pictures, seeing people ooh and ahh over their ugly kids. Of course I pretend they are cute, but I’m usually like “damn that’s an ugly baby” in my head. I’m going to have my first in a week, my husband is worried she won’t be Read more

5:35 PM

I knew a girl in high school who was against Harry Potter because it wasn’t Christian. She’s now a librarian, which I find somewhat worrying.

7:16 PM

Sometimes doses of meds are higher for dogs than people due to their higher metabolism. My 40 lb dog takes one full Zyrtec or up to two Benedryl for allergies. Of course, that’s what the vet told us to give him, not some internet graphic.

10:39 PM

I took testosterone for endometriosis and it totally fucked with my body, made me feel like absolute shit. As you may know from infertility treatments, (at least this was my experience with them,) messing with you hormones artificially can leave you feeling way worse than someone with those same hormone levels Read more

8:40 AM

Yeah their coverage left me wondering if she was the first black women from anywhere to gold medal in swimming or the first Af-Am woman.

1:12 AM

So many fewer rural white democrats than there used to be, though. My grandparents were poor white farmers in Indiana and Democratic Party folks through and through. That seems much rarer nowadays, it wasn’t unusual at all in their time.

12:39 PM

Working in theater design, I once stopped the guys from changing half the lighting color gels because the lead actress wasn’t wearing make-up that day. We had made a subtle change the night before and then they were freaking out because the new color made her look so washed out! I was like lol, nope, can no one see Read more

12:57 PM

You can buy some dry shampoos in dark colors. I have medium-brown hair and with bad formulations of dry shampoo can get a white/grey effect, but with good formulations I don't.

11:02 AM

What? Not if you fly into/out of Bogota.

5:13 PM

Sperm doesn’t freeze just fine on an individual level. There is plenty of die-off but there are so many that it doesn’t matter for fertility treatments. They can also lose their ability to swim in a freeze/thaw.

5:07 PM

Sperm react poorly, too. There are just so many of them it doesn't matter for ICSI.

5:06 PM

Freezing embryos is a lot more successful. Many times cells die upon freezing/thawing. Since embryos are multicellular, they can tolerate like 30% or so cell death and regenerate just fine. Sperm can have a lot die and you still have plenty for ICSI (assisted fertilization) where you only need one good looking sperm Read more

4:49 PM

That’s not how IVF works. Frozen embryos are a key part of the process. Not creating frozen embryos means a couple could need to do 6 or more rounds of stimulation/retrieval instead of one. You make frozen embryos because the first transfer often doesn’t take, or sometimes your hormone levels or endometrium makes a Read more

8:42 PM

Replied to OP but not sure if i’ll be ungreyed there. Cleft palates/lips form by 12 weeks, so even if alcohol alone can cause it, it's certainly not caused by drinking in the second and third trimesters.

8:36 PM

Cleft palates and lips are formed in the second half of the first trimester. Most people and advice claiming it is safe to drink occasionally during pregnancy claim it is safe after the first trimester. Which is when a bartender would be able to spot a pregnancy.

12:38 AM

I feel like it’s of a piece with the PETA “shelter” that is a euthanasia factory. People who think any type of human management/domestication is worse than death or extinction.