Feb 5 2016

I mean, couldn’t they simply stick with the Revenant box art that’s been floating around for a while now?

Nov 7 2015

From what I’ve seen of the game, it doesn’t look $40 worthy. At least the base game isn’t $60, but the game looks like it should cost $15, maybe $20 tops. I just hope my friends aren’t getting overhyped for nothing.

Oct 30 2015

Interesting point, but $120 a year for no ads on a website is still ridiculous

Oct 6 2015

Honestly, it’s cool that you’re not a SW fan—in fact, it helps.

SW games are too often sold on the label, rather than the content of the game, and that’s why we end up with The Force Unleashed 2.

So, y’know, thanks for taking the time to review this, to give an unvarnished opinion of the product—and to be upfront that Read more

Oct 3 2015

My real name is Gage. This makes me feel uncomfortable.

Oct 1 2015

Ugh. Great dub, terrible video. Watch the uncompressed audio version here:

Sep 30 2015

Seems like this comes up at least once a year about this same “game”. the devs don’t expect anyone to buy or want to buy all this dlc. It’s a sim made for hardcore train lovers. Not really a game in the traditional sense. Most people into trains are into specific models of trains and would only buy those types so they Read more

Sep 27 2015

Specially designed PS4 that blocks access to all oppressive games from the PS Store, and any voice chat received from rude players is automatically translated to words of encouragement. Perfect holiday gift for that special Gamergater!

Sep 24 2015

I’m thinking it’s the shitty color correction of the potato they decided to capture the pictures with.

Sep 23 2015

This is going to be the problem the Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie has. Mark my words. The fad will be over by the time it comes out.

Sep 17 2015

I’ve played CS:GO since launch and never saw a flaw in the hitboxes. Maybe I’m not “pro” enough to notice.

Sep 4 2015

Jimmy Kimmel and every other comedian has made jokes about almost every hobby or job under the sun. Skiing, swimming, model train building, backpacking, rock climbing, fellow comedians...the list is endless.

None of those other people lost their shit on the internet when he made a joke about them. Why is gaming so Read more

Aug 31 2015

I just need a GTA 5 Mod that lets me go Pacific Rim on Los Santos and fight giant Kaiju.

Aug 16 2015

Looked at these whilst listening to the Evangelion theme. Was not dissapointed.