What would be awesome would be if they sold the cars the same way they rented them. Read more

The Kia Soul is my all-time favorite cheap rental car.  Read more

God damn, my name almost checked out! Read more

Speaking personally, I apologize to our customers that have experienced delayed or damaged orders, or a lackluster customer service experience. Like you and nearly every employee at ECS, I am an enthusiast and feel for anyone stuck waiting on parts. I can preach the improvements we have made over the past year, Read more

It’s not.   This is an ad masquerading as an article.   Read more

My older brother inherited the same car in black from our mom’s aunt in 1998 with about 40K on the clock. Good times cruising in that car and cheap to operate. I remember being able to fill the tank for $10. I also remember how slow it was. Like painfully slow. At 96hp the 2.0L was no match for my friend’s ‘92 Read more

If I was closer, I’d have 100% taken my Sunbird to the Dream Cruise.


I just did 400 miles in my f150 4x43.5EB and avg’d 23.6mpg.

And also, trucks will never be cheap again. They’re too mainstream now to not have bloated prices.  Read more

An Edge with a with a frame??!! Read more

$500 a month.  I just threw up in my mouth.  Read more

Oddly, Ford financing also gives 80 month terms on the 150 and 60 months on the Ranger, so the monthly payments are lower, even at $4-6k more in total purchase price. Read more

It’s significantly smaller a where it counts: width. You can park a Ranger in a New England parking spot and comfortably exit. You’d have to do a 3-point entry with a full-size F-150, before sliding out sideways while trying not to ding the door on the adjacent car. Read more

Pictured: “The New Guy”

I feel like Civic Type R’s are the low-hanging fruit... so I’ll go with this.

It’s a Titan 6000 LB (I think the MRL 6000?). I really like it so far, that was actually the first time I used it. It’s ideal for suspension and brakes, but anything mid chassis can’t be reached (driveshaft, etc). I think a 2-post is ideal but this is a great option for low ceilings or corner work. Read more