4:53 PM

Not trying to feign naivety, but isn’t her release of the video - in the explicit context of art, as an artist - tantamount to consent, even open invitation, to watch said video (which I have not... yet)? Or are we supposed to (figure out that we ought to) question whether a video featuring content of this nature can Read more

1:29 AM

What's hilarious about that? Sorry, I grew up in a remote place and don't get a lot of humor.

10:15 AM

I have no problems with this article other than that you say, by way of Stewart, that there were tanks outside Geer's home. Well, you say that Stewart "would see...tanks", so technically I guess you're only making a claim about what he saw, rather than what was actually there, and he may have been hallucinating. But Read more

2:12 AM

I dunno... I feel like the people who control Ninendo are just so set in their ways, so attached to a particular vision of gaming, that there won't really be anything innovative or notable about the forthcoming Zelda, even if gameplay is solid and the world is large. It just bugs me that no matter how they rejig the Read more