Olga Oksman
Jun 6 2014

I'm sort of glad nobody answered the last question, ick.

Jan 24 2014

25 degrees in Hell, Norway. 20 degrees colder than that in Hell, Michigan. Interpret as you will.

Dec 30 2013

It might be possible to find copies of many books that were in the Alexandria library — not that we'd know in most cases. Maybe Manetho's history of Egypt or other works alluded to but lost. Or unknown poets and the like.

Dec 21 2013

Freelance is what me and the hubby do when we need extra cash. Outside of our day jobs. Granted, our day jobs keep us from freelancing as much as we could if we were unemployed, but for both of us, the work has never been steady enough or paid well enough to make the leap to freelancing/working for ourselves full Read more

Dec 16 2013

I hope they give him a TOW missile and that I somehow end up on his good list and get a pogo stick.

Dec 16 2013

This will be how Google gets the information of people who use scripts on their computers to block being tracked. They will send Robo Santa to your house and go through your stuff.