Vulcan Has No Moon
6:05 PM

So is the plan to just bitch about Biden for the next 7 months then run endless articles exploring “how did Trump win” ala 2016? Read more

5:39 PM

Clearing the GOP didn’t think the election through. Their base is the most vulnerable group thus they were relying on them sacrificing their health, waiting in lines for hours in the inclimate weather. Read more

3:31 PM

Pay the delivery drivers more during this pandemic and watch the problem fix itself. Raising the delivery fee right now just makes sense due to the overwhelming demand anyway.

3:02 PM

The republican party wants to kill people. They have to be punished for it and not just at the ballot box. Lock them up.

2:49 PM

I salute the GOP members of the Wisconsin legislature for their hard work. They cannot see it but my bare ass is pressed against a western facing window in my home. Read more

2:31 PM

There’s no way that the drivers can be compensated proportional to the risk they’re putting themselves in without raising the prices of deliveries - and I acknowledge that that puts more strain on newly-unemployed households - but I fucking hate that the onus falls on individuals to make sure a company’s workers are Read more

4:33 PM

Some of the people below are trying to make a case for his innocence because the woman he raped has kept silent about it. Well, 1, it was almost certainly part of her settlement that she could NOT talk about it and 2. after watching how reporters and journalists are attacked just for asking a question about it, what Read more

10:04 AM

For the last time, whether you’re really good at basketball, or making movies, or beloved family sitcoms, or cooking food, or comedy, you still don’t get to rape someone. And if you do, people might bring it up. Read more

10:03 AM

is it really that hard to say “i support women, i support victims of sexual assault, I can’t speak to this case because i wasn’t involved in it, but sexual assault is a horrible thing. Any person who does that will forever have that stain of evil on them”

rather than the tired as fuck... because i liked him, he can’t Read more

7:59 PM

My family is pretty rife with alcoholics, druggies, and various inappropriate behaviors, but even I have to admit that the Christmas that Uncle Pothead told us about his recent medically-necessary circumcision because he hadn’t kept himself clean enough was really just not the best conversation to go with the mashed Read more

7:43 PM

Hands down it’s the one where my asshole uncle picked a fight with my cousin (not his kid) who worked for a suicide prevention hotline. Uncle Asshole’s basic take on this was that Cousin was wasting their time and doing humanity a disservice because if people wanted to kill themselves, they should be allowed to do so Read more

6:42 PM

I submitted a longer one but it’s probably the time I had my friend, who happens to be half-Chinese, to Christmas dinner. My brother was specifically trying to get a rise out of me and started saying things that were racist (think talking about “Chinks” and “Spics”) and I threatened obliquely to out him to my dad Read more

6:15 PM

I found out that my mother was fine about my 13yo niece getting raped as long as she had the baby. Read more

12:09 PM

I was raped at 15 by my best friends older brother, who got me to go home with him from school by telling me that said friend was sick and needed my help, where he then beat me unconscious and raped me.

About a month later, my father beat the shit out of my rapist.

Some weeks after that, my two brothers beat him up Read more

11:19 AM

the night was ‘consistent’ with her past contact with the student in question who she had previously had a ‘short-lived romantic relationship.’” Read more

10:51 AM

This doesn’t strike me as him being selfish, but rather beyond frustrated and hopeless. He WAS there for her. For 2 years he stood with her and tried to make the charges stick. He worked with the system and the system ignored his daughter. It went so far that the school basically accused her of making it up Read more