Feb 25

“Those in charge of and responsible for overseeing the show failed to recognize or anticipate the racist references and cultural insensitivities that were obvious to almost everybody else.” Read more

Jan 31

or perhaps she was vomiting on the loser, leaving the winner blissfully untouched. who can say! she's right either way 😊

Jan 29

Don’t cancel the events. Just, nobody show up. Not a soul. There is no hell for a writer like the mortification of staring out at a sea of empty chairs, save for the bookstore employee who felt bad for you and took a seat one minute after the event’s official start time. Read more

Jan 15 2020

“He claims he only wants to rectify the public perception of himself as a bad father, and joining the lawsuit opposite is apparently the solution for that!” Read more

Jan 9 2020

That the palace would make an angry statement about this, and not about rapist pedophile prince andrew, says everything. Throw the whole damn castle in the garbage. Go sussexit

Jan 3 2020

I wasn’t necessarily deeply in debt or in a bad place, but once you start paying off some financed stuff like cars/student loans/home expenses, things start to feel really good. My wife and I are socking an extra $1000-2000 a month into savings at the moment and it’s very nice to start stockpiling again.

Jan 3 2020

I’m also a snowball fan, because those small wins really get me pumped to keep going. 

Jan 3 2020

I paid off nearly 30k in 2007, so I have a little experience in getting out of debt.  IMO, doing the debt snowball I think is a better method since paying off smaller debts first gives you wins, which will keep you motivated to keep going.

Jan 3 2020

Thanks. I miss Deadspin like whoa. You know. I never even got totally ungreyed (and then my burner somehow got logged off, LOL) but it was always such a pleasure. They made me care - well, at least a little - about SPORTSBALL! I already cared about dogs and bears and food and goofy azz shit so it wasn’t much of a Read more