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Seamless incorrectly listed the item and sold it. Then they gave money to a Burger King franchise who told them “we don’t have this item, what are you doing? Tell your customer you screwed up and give them this item instead,” and then Seamless’ drivers didn’t tell customers. Seamless also charged extra for an IF Read more

which is becoming more popular Read more

Even though they are a political advocacy group, they are guided by well-meaning scientists. Claims for political purposes can still be grounded in objective science, especially when scientists are the drivers of the organization.
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did you make a Kinja account just to “well ACTUALLY” the Union of Concerned Scientists? Read more

Just say it. They are Republicans. And they should be shunned. Read more

People that are still trying to push the cobalt mining/dirty electric power plants narrative are people that are only looking for new excuses to not accept reality. These are the people that fed on the bogus “HUMMER IS CLEANER THAN PRIUS” BS until surprisingly recently. These are the people that don’t believe humanity Read more

I’ve seen more headlines here about Bill Simmons and Barstool than specific sports stories. Read more

I’m such a Deadspin fanboy that I hate Barstool Sports despite the fact that I’ve never visited their site. Read more

Fucking Trump's still in office and the Patriots are in the Super Bowl again. 2019 can already eat a dick Read more

These kinds of sick bastards need off the streets and jailed for life. Done. No trial. No parole. Game over. Read more

camera guy easily outruns all the cops.... whilst giving comentary.... Read more

1. That driver is a douchebag. Read more

Yeah but if you have an Xbox Controller which lasts 40 hours of gaming on 7.5wh means it’s only using 180 milliwatts per hour. Even if the charging was only 10% efficient that means you would be using a whopping 1 watt per hour while playing Xbox.

I also have a sensor in my dryer room which lets me check the current Read more

Jeez, that’s your first response to this? How does it feel to live a life bereft of all wonder and optimism? Read more

Imagine if the remote was a blockchain!
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Ok ShadowBnd2, we get it. You’re a racist piece of shit. Now please SHUT THE FUCK UP. Thank you ever so kindly. Have a great day, nazi!
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+3/5 of a dallas cowboy star Read more

He deserves a second chance guys. NFL is known for giving second chances, think of Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, Colin Kae...::checks earpiece:: ...Ezekiel Elliott... Read more