1:29 PM

Appreciate the perspective. Certainly luring multi-nationals to an area is fraught with trade-offs and not a sustainable or long-term growth model.

3:08 PM

Logic and reason have never been the strong points of people who get fired up into a blind rage over video games.

2:43 PM

We had a fascinating slack/breakroom discussion about this at our studio, and the take-way was that neither the fans or the Immortal devs are really to blame or deserve scorn. It’s those who made the behind the scenes choices leading up to this past weekend that truly deserve the ire.

1:09 PM

Hi guys and gals! I make fun and good, and insightful and snarky comments on such GMG sites as Deadspin, Jezebel, Jalopnik, Splinter, Gizmodo and their respective verticals.  David brought me out of the grays here and I believe I am worthy. Please consider Andrew Daisuke for re-instatement, I am an avid weekday and Read more

3:08 PM

I am a resident of WA state and had the privilege last night to sit at my kitchen table with my wife and fill out our ballots. We had a conversation about the candidates and propositions while flipping through the voter pamphlet. Read more

3:07 PM

Yeah, registering and voting in Texas is a bit of a minefield. Which is probably why Texas ranks near bottom in voter participation. The stories are all too common. Just this year alone, I have already heard of a handful of stories of people who have registered and verified their registration online only to be turned Read more

12:42 PM

Exactly! If they don’t wake up and vote, things will only get worst. Change never happens overnight but it will get so much worst if GOP continues to control everything since the Census is coming up & they already have plans for a constitutional convention that will make it harder to vote and screw these kids for life! Read more

1:33 PM

Why yes Kiryu. Yakuza do kill people.  In fact, people die when they are killed.

9:24 AM

Hot Take: Hiring her for those reasons was bad enough in the first place. NBC has realized they can do more by exploiting pretending to embrace progressive stances like #MeToo and #BLM. Read more

12:24 PM

My first reaction was an eyeroll, but then I remembered how frequently I block and mute people in Overwatch, and ... well, you aren’t wrong. I’ve played video games for 35+ years and even though I’m still a solid 20+ hours/week gamer, I no longer identify as a “gamer” because of the toxic behavior that’s become so Read more