May 29 2014

Anti-psychotics are prescribed for more than simply psychosis. They are prescribed for aggression, impulse control, anger, etc.

Mar 5 2014

Speaking as someone with a criminal justice degree, who plans to work in prisoner reentry, and knows quite a few people who specialize in sex offenders, I have had it with "tough on crime" nonsense. Deterrence theory based on severity doesn't work. Any first year criminologist student could tell you this. Let's call

Mar 4 2014

Have you actually been inside a jail? I've thankfully never been incarcerated but I have been to multiple jails multiple times for my job and I can tell you that being denied prescribed medications and being treated like an animal is par for the course for ALL offenders, not just violent ones. I know that losing Read more

Mar 4 2014

This is barbaric, but it's no more barbaric than throwing people in jail without proper medical care and without letting them take medications prescribed by their personal physicians and, in general, debasing the shit out of every person who ends up in jail. And don't for one second think that you even need to be an Read more

Feb 24 2014

I tried putting lentils on my face, but I don't think they've been as miraculous as claimed.

Aug 1 2013

It's not even necessarily fat food, but food that is easier to prepare (like pasta with jar sauce and hot dogs, sometimes combined) doesn't take a lot of effort, and it's not exactly "the best" for you. Read more