Ah shit... I guess I'm double fucked now.

Has anyone here seen Some Girls on BBC 3? It's amazing. Another example of what we're missing in the States. Read more

And you gotta love a school whose mascot is the geoduck, and whose sports motto is "Undefeated since 1967" (they don't have a sports team, hence undefeated). Read more

Uh, you have the coolest monument (Space Needle), the setting for the best sitcom of the 90s (Fraiser), and you're the home of Boeing, which is a home-run winner constantly at everything. Seattle rocks. Read more

Guess it's more Anne of Avonlea or Anne of the Island. Read more

This is very Anne of Green Gables.

No. You are wrong. we cannot employ real fat people or real homely people. We'll just put Nicole Kidman in a rubber nose and give her an Oscar, or put Gwyneth in a fat suit, or countless other A-listers in hours and hours of makeup and prosthetics until they look like.... us. But goddammit they better not be REAL Read more

I'm afraid of balloons and thunderstorms, too! I don't know why on the balloons, but when I went to an aquarium in high school and the ceiling unexpectedly dropped THOUSANDS of them, it was cemented then and there. The unexpected factor is probably part of it. For that same reason, I hate fast-moving and jumping bugs. Read more

I'm so glad I wasn't the only kid that was absolutely terrified of popping balloons when other kids would play with them. Read more

I think smaller, up-and-comer labels who are not on Anna Wintour's radar will do free shows but you have to be involved in the fashion industry to get a free ticket. So it would be people like notable bloggers, fashion students, street photographers etc. I could be wrong, but that's my understanding. Sucks that even Read more

Yes - it's also ideal for biopics, so we can see the person they are playing, rather than the celebrity playing them. Read more

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! This made me so damn happy. I love this show so much. I wish that more than season one were on dvd. It made me feel so good every week to watch a show where the people looked like me, had good lives and were true friends. Ugh, one of the best shows. So underrated. Read more

OHMYGOD, yes. I remember watching Living Single when I was in elementary school - a fact that, in retrospect, is hysterical and bizarre. It was right in the afternoon line-up of like, Carmen Sandiego, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Bill Nye... and then fucking Living Single. I was 8 years old, blonde, and had a burgeoning Read more

It's crazy how the 90's had more POC on great TV shows than we do now. Read more

I second that and additionally as for A Different World to be one there as well! Read more

Seriously no Shonda? She is holding up ABC with one hand right now. I'll just leave this here.

I hate being this person, but can someone get me out of the greys already? I know we're supposed to sit around commenting into the grey void until a benevolent moderator fairy takes pity and sprinkles some approved commenter dust on us, but it's getting pretty discouraging being in the same category of people as the

I second that for my Jewish ass. Read more

My ass is lilly-white, and it's not going anywhere near there, either. Read more