Jul 16

This was a question that was brought up in therapy so if it helps, here is what my therapist told me and then what I learned elsewhere:

When I was in the most unhappy years of my marriage the idea that “marriage is hard work” dogged me. I was in therapy one day crying and saying “Maybe this is just what it’s like? I Read more

Jul 2

It has been a nightmare. I am divorced so for half the week I am the only adult around with two school-aged children working from home. And employers do not trust their employees so every conversation is now a web-meeting conversation so he can see that I’m working. Plus, I get calls and texts at all hours since they Read more

Jun 3

Agree. It matters so much. Even in my own little pocket of St. Louis we now have two black city council members and I can’t ever recall having that in my lifetime in this county. Also, a proposition passed that will help remove our racist city attorney from his post so it was a very good night for voting. 

May 21

I was the wife in a similar situation. I found out my ex-husband slept with someone we all hung out with. He swears it was before we were dating but I don’t believe that. There are enough signs that I can see clearly in retrospect that leads me to believe it had been going on while we were dating. So I know he didn’t Read more

May 13

Some of her rom coms were terrible. Just Like Heaven was a weird pro-life bizarre cringe fest. And I still hate Sweet Home Alabama. 

Apr 21

I’ve had that similar experience with kid therapy. My youngest has a temper and is prone to tantrums when he is sad and frustrated. So his play therapist has done so many things - draw your feelings, draw an angry monster that you can yell at when you’re angry, figure out how to use fidgets to keep your temper from Read more

Apr 15

It reminds me of the “pay your age” debacle at Build-a-Bear. A nice idea but there’s no way they had the volume of product to keep up with the demand. 

Jan 28

Yeah, I will generally eat anything now except I’m not crazy about raw tomatoes. So when I order a salad or a sandwich, I’ll ask them to hold the tomatoes. But if the whole table wants guac, I’ll just eat around them or abstain. I don’t make a big deal about it. Read more

Jan 27

Yeah, my mom was very much “This is what we’re having. Everyone is getting the same thing. If you don’t like it. Don’t eat it but I’m not making you anything else” but she was also good at separating things. I could get naked spaghetti. I could get the sauce on the side. Like if she did make sloppy joe’s she probably Read more

Jan 27

I have a very distinct childhood memory of being small and going to another family’s house for dinner. They were friends with my parents and had two small kids. They served steaks to the adults and for the kids, sloppy joes. I hated sloppy joe’s as a kid. I hated how wet the bread got. I hated how mushy and messy they Read more

Jan 22

In my son’s early days of school (k-3 grade) his resource teacher would start off the meeting by going around in a circle and talking about his strengths. I loved this. It put everyone in a friendly mood and it really made me feel great to hear good things about my son. When you have a child in the special school Read more

Dec 17

The Target & Walmart ones are huge. I have a niece with an American Girl doll but all of her accessories and clothes are from Target. 

Dec 17

Absolutely. My mom taught 3rd grade for decades and in the heyday of the dolls she kept her classroom stocked with the American Girl books. Most teachers did. Scholastic did. So the kids would read the books because they were approved and encouraged and then they wanted the dolls. 

Dec 9

Another thing to be aware of is that sexual predators are not the only risk. I work at a university and one of our professors talks frequently about how hate groups recruit heavily in a lot of video games. So in general it is probably a good idea to teach your kid to be extra cautious of someone who is pushing the Read more

Dec 5

Yes. Me too. When I tried to transition from journalism to public relations I had about 5 years of professional journalism experience. So I wasn’t making a lot of money but I had an annual salary and health coverage. I’d meet constantly with PR agencies - gigantic global PR agencies with huge budgets and fancy offices Read more

Nov 26

For real. I live in the Midwest and I have two coats I wear all winter. One is a nicer wool coat which I can use for work. The other is a puffer coat I use when it gets deadly cold or it’s snowing. I have worn the same wool coat for 7 years and only upgraded this year because I gained some weight and it isn’t as Read more

Oct 25

Sorry - I should have said the Tina Fey/John Slattery one. That’s based on a column written by Ann Leary, his wife. So “Denis Tennis” was an invention of Denis Leary and that was about their marriage. 

Oct 21

I love the column and read it every week and I liked the series but in some cases, I found the column infinitely superior to the episode. There are two episodes that I hated - the one with the girl who has daddy issues and then the one about Denis Leary’s marriage. In both of those episodes I found the characters Read more