Sep 8 2017

It’s nice that you rendered it as BMW, but we all know they’re trying to get their lineup to look like this...

Aug 16 2017

I had this thought the first time I drove a tuned e92 335i. Slap some suspension mods on it and I find it hard to believe somebody would drive one and feel uninspired or long for the M too badly. I guess because v8. Read more

Jun 26 2017

Joe is 74 years old. He worked hard all his life and then became a great politician who ended up being next to the most powerful man in the universe. Now their 8 years are done and an orange guy lives in their house. Read more

Jun 8 2017

“This is the way the dream of the Toyobaru turbo fanboy ends, not with a whoosh, but a whimper.”  Read more

Feb 2 2017

In fairness the dude is only 26 so he can’t be out of school very long and doesn’t want to blow his whole paycheck on a car payment.

Feb 2 2017

I would say Subaru Legacy GT sedan. I had a 2005 wagon with a stick which was awesome, but the newer generations – while a bit more bloaty and less popular with the tuner crowds (probably a good thing in this case), is still a very capable and comfortable car. Restrained styling, well appointed, one of the best AWD

Jan 20 2017

I do not understand this hub-steering but I must now go to the interwebs and investigate. Going to be another unproductive day at work.....that makes 18 years in a row.

Jan 11 2017

Not only that, but Franks Brother is ranked like 50 spots above it. This man does not own a TV. I am sure of it

Jan 11 2017

I don’t disagree with any of those things, but it’s like comparing your least favorite ice cream with a waffle cone full of bloody diarrhea. You might not like either one, but there’s a clear right choice.

Jan 11 2017

You know, I’ve looked and I’ve looked and I just can’t see anywhere in my comment where I said a single fucking thing about Hillary Clinton.

As the residents of Trumpistan are so fond of saying, she lost. Get over it. Focus on the short-fingered piss golem we’ve got to deal with now.