Aug 20 2019

I know we’re in the middle of a Keanussance and everything, but I don’t know what’s left to tell in that tale.

May 30 2019

Everyone else seems to do just fine with this fastback design. Stinger, Charger. This is classic GM. “Good enough. We’ll charge 5% less and corner the market on people who don’t sweat the details.” 

May 8 2019

I was talking about the link Patrick used, in which a real math man from Berkeley tells us what’s up. Read more

May 5 2019

Cue up Eddie Murphy’s “This is my house! And if you don’t like it, get the fuck out!” 😂 Read more

Apr 8 2019

Lol, uh, yeah. Go check zillow and let some house prices there blow your mind.

Mar 25 2019

Dumb question, but like, how will I buy a pair of jeans online with this thing sans numbers (assuming the retailer isn’t set up for Apple Pay, etc)?

Mar 18 2019

I roll my eyes do hard every time people point out two sedans have similar silhouettes. No fucking shit? There's only so much you can do when you start with "sedan" and have modern safety standards. Next you're going to point out that SUVs have similar silhouettes and blow everyone's mind!

Mar 18 2019

It’s all in the rear; after the second gen CTS, the asses of nearly all Cadillacs got a bit funky looking and I could never put my finger on why.  This one fixes it.  The CT6 didn’t face the same issue.

Feb 22 2019

But how will people engage in consumption occasions when everyone is unemployed? Oh wait it won’t matter because they will have captured short term gains at the expense of long term economic health. And really, fuck you I got mine, will always be the name of the game.

Feb 15 2019

Honestly I'd take Tatum and whatever over the chance to cosplay as the 2018 Lakers.

Feb 15 2019

This site has an extremely weird fetish for AD going to the Lakers and there have been schizophrenic pieces since the trade request both acknowledging how bad the Lakers are and pillorying the Pelicans for not jumping at the chance to take the same junko players which make the Lakers so bad. It’s very, very strange Read more

Feb 15 2019

Ummm, you don’t want to be there? Don’t sign the extension. Let’s not forget that he committed to 2 more years with the Pels.