Dan Lane
11:09 AM

And what car is that? Because I know for a fact you aren’t calling a C7 “numb” unless you are just pulling it out of your ___.

11:07 AM

EXACTLY! I deal with people constantly telling me my C7 z06 is “too heavy”, “old technology”, “can’t corner”, or “is just a POS”. Sorry people, you can attack the car all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that it is an amazing piece of machinery that is extremely fast, nimble, reliable AND good on fuel Read more

11:42 AM

Bought my first vette (2006 C6 coupe) at 25 and loved it, then in July 2015 I custom ordered my current C7 z06 at the ripe old age of 32. Of all the cars I have ever owned, it has been the happiest purchase of my life. Calling it the Buick of the sports car world shows how out of touch you are with reality.

11:04 AM

I don’t understand the alignment of the engine, wouldn’t it make way more sense to have it mounted sideways? both for the output shaft direction and the engine dimensions... In fact, it seems like the dorito engine be a perfect fit and allow for some very narrow bikes if that were mounted that way.

2:54 PM

So... the same PDR system the Corvette has had for the last 4 years? Got it, thanks.

12:58 PM

The automotive industry has worked hard to instill that fear in you! The reality is modern vehicles aren’t magical black boxes, you can do tons of your own work on them, both maintenance and repairs. Step 1: remove the plastic shield that hides your engine and is meant to scare you away... Step 2: grab a wrench!

8:56 PM

My 2016 Corvette z06 is DI and has no engine covers, but I can’t hear the engine over the exhaust... Therefore your argument is invalid!

5:18 PM

Did I miss something? How much did you pay?! I have what looks to be this exact same car (2016 z06, Laguna blue, 2LZ, comp seats, Stage 2 aero). I’m probably going to cry when I see how much you paid compared to what I paid, but I still need to know!

5:12 PM

Great theory, but in practice there’s a great reason things are like this. There are legal restrictions on how loud a car can be (80dB), but during testing they test in the mode the car starts up in. Having a button to open a valve to allow more free flowing (and louder) exhaust gets around this! This isn’t making it Read more

9:43 AM

Was your goal to see how many people you could troll? Either that or you don’t belong here...

9:29 AM

Yep, the corvette is still in the same boat, and it’s had great handling for longer than the mustang has. Plus it doesn’t have a mediocre version (the base model Mustang v6) with only “okay” handling dragging down the brand. Read more

1:01 PM

The left lane is for PASSING! Also, in many places, passing on the right is illegal, and for good reason.