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The issue with barriers that can’t be crossed/bypassed is that designing them to break on impact is actually a safety feature. If a car is on the tracks when the barriers come down, they need to be able to ram the barriers to get out. (And the idea of being able to stop the train is nice, but at that weight and speed, Read more

you can’t legislate intelligence and common sense. That is the problem - people ignore the barriers, ignore the lights, ignore the warnings, and die of stupidity.
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MAGA CHUDS: Businesses should be able to fire whoever they want for any reason. If the employees don’t like it they can go work somewhere else. That's just the free market in action. Read more

With old vehicles like this and old convertibles etc. it make be better to think of them as water resistant 4 wheeled motorcycles in terms of safety and crash survivability. Read more

You didn't even read the goddamn article.
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Horizontally opposed driving styles. Read more

No, GM wasn't that slow. I think the guy is confusing Tuned Port for Throttle body. GM had Crossfire Injection (a dual throttle body setup based on the Cross-Ram intake offered for the 1st gen Z/28 with the 302.  Read more

That sent up red flags for me, so I checked the report. Read more

It’s the “Africa”of automobiles, then? Read more

Oh yeah? How many Nissans do you know that come with WHITE WHEELS? Read more

780 is the correct answer if a v-8 swap is a must have. Or a 900/S90/V90 of that vintage. Read more

I recall reading something about this being the reason the Quadrifoglio doesn’t come with a manual option. The wheel encroachment reinforcing didn’t leave room for a clutch pedal. Read more

The Nautilus was helmed by Captain Nemo. Read more

It doesn’t. Those wheel covers came on the ‘98 and ‘99 P71 models.

NoScript. It has the side effect of cutting out some of the advertising, but that is the price these people pay for pulling shit like autoplay.
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I was told when I was 16, that my balls didn't work. They dropped, but they kept on going… Read more