Aug 25 2016

If Uber’s losing money, I’m not seeing it. I made $91 last night after driving only 4 hours. I average about $100 a day in Chicago. Business is booming. Read more

Jun 4 2016

38 people would say otherwise.

Hell, I’d buy one just because my dad used to sell them back when they were a thing.

May 2 2016

The interior clashes so badly with the exterior. I would accept it more if it was an SN95 Mustang interior.

Apr 12 2016

Hard to believe there was a mass production Geo Metro convertible and yet no mass production CRX convertible. It’s a very handsome car without a roof.

Apr 1 2016

Kinda looks like they’re going with the Toyota Echo layout with the speedo and relevant info in the center so you still have your peripherals on the road. I think a HUD is what they’ll go with though because why wouldn’t they?

Mar 31 2016

Totally forgot about the appeal process. Maybe there is a sliver of hope for Jalopnik. Gawker can burn in hell as far as I care.

Mar 9 2016

The Accord actually sounds like the nicest car you have, seeing as it only has bad tires, soft brakes, and I assume an overheating issue. I’ll also assume no bent front end parts from the curbing. All you have to do is slap on the tire you don’t mind ruining, limp it home, and pick up a junkyard tire and you’re set. Read more