Jun 15 2015

He is saying that a lot of people feel that GMO has the same connotation as like Shit or Fuck or Cunt.

Nov 25 2013

I've offered a few times in comments to help Jez editors read a study before writing it up but they don't seem to care that they get it completely wrong every single time.

Nov 19 2013

It's almost like the "Merican" version of a kumite: These guys come up, spar with the "master" until a short time limit or a point is scored, then they cycle out. Pretty cheesy, but not the worst thing ever. That many sidekicks would make anyone's hips sore.
I view organized martial arts a bit like organized religion: Read more

Oct 28 2013

Lies don't just 'distort reality', they're misleading and isolating to everyone affected. Sometimes those drawbacks outweigh the imagined effects of the lie, so we lie, but omg it's not just like this heady thing that has no basis in reality. Read more

Oct 28 2013

This article misses the point, but does an excellent job of giving voice to common half-baked considerations. Reality is complex. Things may be apparently true on one level and demonstrably false on another. It takes patience and diligence to follow your understanding to the conclusion of reason: at the roots. Read more

Oct 28 2013

I think you may have missed the definitions of 'hope' and 'love for all humans' that the people that ascribe to them are using.

As for honesty, I disagree with you completely. Dishonesty is antisocial, and I wish for a world where people would/could be completely honest at all times. If you refrain from speaking the Read more

Sep 18 2013

As an engineering student in NYC, I found that the area is surprisingly "dry" for 3D printers. Yes, I know 3Dhubs exists, and my university technically has one, but its hard to get a hold of, especially if you're printing something for purely personal use.

To solve this, I co-founded a company for local 3D printing. Read more