3:51 PM

I think Potter would work well abroad if you covered it in the loosest of terms: Brits came to the US, brought over their magical school stuff, it became American. Let the children on tumblr obsess over the details

3:22 PM

Or you would have to have a really strong handle on the culture you were moving into. In a lot of ways, it probably would have gone better if she had farmed this out to an American writer and just kind of edited.

11:22 AM

Yeah, I am a little discomfited by the gleeful “reporting” of this. First of all, it’s not proven, right? All we have is the one MP’s assertion that it happened and someone totally has a photo. Second...I mean, I never stuck my (nonexistent) dick in any dead animal’s mouths, but there is embarrassing shit I did at uni Read more

12:08 AM

While most of my teams are NYC based, I am a Caps fan. This is because I learned about hockey when I lived in DC, and my Dad didn't really give a crap about hockey so I had no bias towards the Rangers or Islanders to inherit ;) . But damn them all to hell, they can play beautifully all season and fuck up during the Read more

11:39 PM

Good call on the new playoff format, NHL. It took two whole seasons before the exact thing people kept saying would happen to happen. 2 of the top 5 teams in the West guaranteed to be out in the first round, thanks to this super sweet divisional org you guys thought up. I don't care about how they organize things in Read more

3:38 PM

"Stephanie's period as Batgirl didn't resonate with comic readers, and the series was cancelled after 24 issues."

Those 24 issues are some of the best comics I've ever read. They were a joyful return to short story arcs with comedy and an upbeat feeling. Plus, they were a fantastic next step for a character who had Read more

9:56 AM

Just because the foreskin is the analogue to the clitoral hood doesn't mean that the consequences of removal are the same. I don't have a dog in the male circumcision fight (although, honestly, I've never met a circumcised penis that couldn't come in two minutes if it wanted to, so I'm not sure about those sensitivity Read more

2:21 AM

Urgh, I loathe the FGM-male circumcision comparisons that come up LITERALLY NOT FIGURATIVELY every time circumcision is ever discussed. FGM can involve the removal of the entire clitoris, which means removal of the ability to derive pleasure from sex (yes I realize the clitoral stuff is also interior, but the Read more

2:05 AM

I think it's normally stupid to bring up FGM in a post about circumcision, for obvious reasons, but that paragraph is entirely correct. Also, if you think circumcision in the US is "by and large" about anything other than cultural norms, you're wrong.

6:46 PM

His cap hit for the next five years is $5,250,000 per year, and he's not nearly good enough to justify it. Why did the Blue Jackets take him on? Who knows. Read more

5:08 PM

Griffin hopes this will silence the doubters who said he would never have more than one goodyear.

4:04 PM

Just be glad that they didn't go with their original concept for a cover. It was even more offensive.