Sep 21 2014

Hate the beer. Love the fact that all the Clydesdales were like, "The FUCK, dude with douchey sunglasses. You are not taking Cornelius' friend anywhere. So just stop that car and GIVE US BACK THE LAB." Read more

Sep 8 2014

I would say there is medicine that has been shown to work X% of the time. We must not fool ourselves into thinking Western Medicine is perfect. We're just better at tracking actual success/failure rates than methods that rely on anecdote.

Mar 18 2014

I do have the experience of seeing a friends' child's personality change and remain changed after vaccinations. Read more

Feb 12 2014

Mine do that too! The one doesn't have much of a voice, which is strange for the breed, and it loves to run into an empty room upstairs and meow there. I totally think now it's to let the room amplify his voice.

Feb 1 2014

What's worse is this is very obviously a scenario about Rehtaeh Parsons - her name is Heather spelt backwards. How awful for her parents to learn that their daughter's suicide has prompted creation of programs to predict her likelihood of suicide. The Maritimes are a small place - it was bound to get back to them.

Jan 17 2014

Excluding folks like the poster below (how fucking barbaric is our country that people are choosing to give birth at home because they don't have the money, for Christ's sake?), I agree with you. The advances in perinatal mortality, infant mortality, and maternal mortality that have been made in the past hundred years Read more

Jan 17 2014

It wasn't an indulgence for me. We chose to have our daughter at home because we couldn't afford to have her in the hospital, even with insurance. The check we cut to the midwife was about two-thousand less than what we would have paid to the hospital.

Dec 12 2013

You're right, fuck the pope is not the most intelligent or articulate thing to say (I edited my post slightly) - it was a completely flippant and silly comment about a completely flippant and silly comment. Read more

Nov 25 2013

*shrug* If this isn't a safe space, then I guess it's okay for me to say that the way you communicate, you're appear to be both highly sensitive and pedantic. Read more

Nov 24 2013

Duh. Sex is for the rich, didn't you get the memo from every single ad ever ever? Unless you're poor and trying to make a living, that is. Poor people can do that, they're just not allowed to enjoy the basic humanity of sex.

Nov 23 2013

No. I do not believe, given what I learned in medical school and in graduate school as a PhD student, that immunizations could be a trigger. The body's natural response to genuine infection can trigger an autoimmune disorder, however. A good example of this is Coxsackie B, which is believed to catalyze the autoimmune Read more