DRM Cast
Aug 3 2014

DC should be taking notes. We don't want dark and gritty disaster porn masquerading as a super hero movie, we want want fun.

Jun 19 2014

I am now but a mere husk of my former self. Please, if you have mercy in your heart, provide me the sweet relief of death. Don't leave me in agony... You gotta go fast... ~ Sonic

Jun 18 2014

Until the Muslim in Chief is succesfully IMPEACHED and THROWN IN JAIL for his HIGH CRIMES and MISDERMEANERS against FREEDOM LOVING AMERUCICANS EVERYWHERE! Read more

Jun 17 2014

All of those tweets seem misinformed. Minecraft multiplayer servers are not going away. But hey let's blindly rally!

Jun 11 2014

It wasn't made by Running With Scissors. They've even disowned that game and hate it.

Jun 11 2014

It was never properly finished since the dev/publisher ran out of money. It's not any more complicated than that. Unfinished games are rarely good.

Jun 10 2014

In an article telling entitled "Education and Discipline in the Videogame Industry," AFM President Ray Hair declares, "The time has come for education and discipline," "within our ranks" as well as within the Video Game industry.

Jun 10 2014

Sadly this is the first one where none of the original 4 (Carmack,Carmack,Romero,Hall) are involved in.

Jun 10 2014

Oh, fuck it. Fuck the Miis. I'm not going into a rant or to say "I'm not buying this game now", but this doesn't excite me at all.