Aug 5

My name is difficult to pronounce and I am WoC who has an obviously Spanish last name. It always puts a smile on my face when someone thoughtful likes you gets it right. I always assume they will get it wrong, and I actually flat out respond to different names than my own in certain social situations because it’s Read more

Aug 5

I have a not-wildly-uncommon last name that everyone assumes they know how to pronounce, and can go literally years without hearing it pronounced correctly. When someone pronounces it correctly without prompting, it’s a pleasant shock. I don’t recall any teacher ever learning how to say it, and I’m pretty sure at Read more

Jul 22

@DavidLomax, not corny at all. Far better to encourage someone in an online comment than to tear them down— sure beats the rest of the internet!

Jul 13

Reading the stories of the victims of Ellis makes me really wish that abuse and harassment training was just the start at companies. That they need to go in depth on next steps before an event happens. That they focus on heavily targeting potential abusers and helping them recognize and fix problems before they become Read more

Jul 13

I’ve been reading the testimonials on the website, and was astonished that (1) there was a very unique and proven pattern to Ellis’s behavior and (2) ashamed, to a degree, of my lack of awareness of the patterns and impact of his actions and of those like him. Read more

Jul 7

I can’t watch The Hand of Fear because I’ll break down and cry like a little girl at the end. So sue me. I’m still not over losing Liz. Read more

Jul 7

Sarah Jane Smith circa 1976 is a style icon.

She could walk off the TARDIS in 1976 into London or Los Angeles or New York and start trends.

Jul 2

That, and I’m not looking forward to the Predator becoming a hunter that conveniently only hunts robots or only kills people off-screen, while some grizzled policeman says “well, shoot. I’m going to beat this mother-hater. I’ll beat him at his own game and gently remind him about friendship.” Or the chestbursters who

Jul 2

I read to see what kept the guy’s sister from watching the movie thinking she might have some kind of visual impairment but no, she just doesn’t want to be bothered with subtitles. Oh fuck off. Read more

Jun 24

And the hilarious thing is that Tyrion doesn’t even get to Dany by the end, even though the book is over a thousand pages.

Jun 23

I get the criticism over the would-be new heir plot that the show totally ignored. That said, I really think this story could have done a lot on the show to fill in Daenerys’ motivations, one of the biggest criticisms of the ending. Imagine if the show had added a few episodes or cut some of Daenerys’ TV storylines Read more

Jun 17

racial stereotypes have no meaning when you do not have the contexts of 400 years of oppression of Black people. Read more