Nov 22 2017

“Making matters worse, ex-Gazillion staff are also reporting that they’re not even being paid their severance or PTO, and that their medical insurance will end next week.”

I have no evidence to back this up besides decades of Old Man Cynicism, but I would bet good money that the higher-ups made off with a nice shiny Read more

Nov 20 2017

So you’re saying that the market value of Shinies is going to severely drop? Time to cash out.

Nov 17 2017

Or, you could change the culture of your workplace by ensuring that the people who have other things they need to, or just would rather do, outside of work hours aren’t made to feel like second class citizens because they don’t attend your little happy hours.

Nov 14 2017

Here is what I want from the new Firefox. I want it to look exactly like the old Firefox, to be able to do everything I currently do exactly as I currently do them, but just be faster. Just fix the speed, don’t touch look of it at all.
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Nov 13 2017

HR is there to protect the company. NOT the employees. Everything HR does is to protect the company. From trying to keep things quiet, to dealing with things swiftly (regardless of the outcome,) you name it, HR is trying to prevent lawsuits and actions against the company. Employees that cause trouble, especially in Read more

Nov 8 2017

Am I missing something? Didn’t he have consensual interactions with those other individuals? If he cheated on his wife that should be between the parties involved.

Just because people obsess over “real” sports stars personal lives, does not mean that whatever these esports people should be obsessed over as well. Both Read more

Oct 18 2017

I mean, San Junipero is “Happy” but it’s still freakishly dark when you actually think about that ending. Both characters are dead. One of them decided to give up their convictions and live forever. It’s really disturbing and human and that’s what makes it so strong. Read more

Oct 11 2017

*edit* I missed the part that Honda wanted it to be welded. However, in the industry, there is a growing number of panels that are expected to be bonded (industry term) instead of welded for the reason’s I’m about to describe... ** Read more

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Oct 10 2017

The fact that we’re even having this discussion—that anybody even typed the words you just did —shows that we’ve already crossed into the Orwellian/cyberpunk dystopia that people talk about avoiding as if it’s not here yet.

Sep 25 2017

Jason, I’ve been reading your book, and it’s clear that a big part of game development involves deception. I’m sure developers consider it a necessary evil since they are constantly trying to get funding for their current and future projects, but they put no small amount of effort into spectacular (but unrealistic) Read more

Sep 22 2017

Nah, my emotions are just fine. It’s Uber business practices I have problems with. There’s a reason they can offer such cheap rates. Other than screwing over their drivers, and patently ignoring all those pesky, costly regulatory measures, and using criminal tactics to crush both competitors, and local legislative Read more

Sep 7 2017

Describing how Twitch can take technical lessons from the porn industry just reaffirms that the porn industry is always, always at the forefront of technology. No exceptions.

Aug 8 2017

He’s a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. People with this disorder have an incredibly fragile ego and require constant reassurances of their greatness. And *only* greatness will do. NPD people have poor impulse control, are unable to tell flattery from truth, and fly into rages (sometimes very Read more

Jul 7 2017

Carry ons are a big part of the problem (boarding and exiting). Ive been travelling by plane for over 40 years now and the as the amount of s&*t people carry goes up the process for getting on and off gets slower and uglier. I know margins are tight, but for the love of all that is holy airlines please allow people Read more

Jun 16 2017

Why not combine both ideas? You manage your own team and, ONLY IF YOU WANT TO, you can participate in a match. It’s your choice if you join a player-vs-player league or play with and against NPCs.