Dec 31 2015

I see an ad for someone trying to sell a used $40k engine, with a free Camaro attached, for $60.

Oct 23 2015

I’ll say this about Lanesplitter; I asked an honest, albeit ignorant question, and got zero snark in response. Thanks for the education all, I do believe I like it here. :up: Rare to see such enthisiasm coupled with an honest desire to educate the rubes. Very rare. Starting to understand why y’all are such a closely Read more

Oct 14 2015

This is how I would expect the face of someone who has missed several triple front bike flips to look.

Aug 18 2015

I’ve had 5 Xterra’s over the years, 2000 XE, 2003 SE, 2007 S, 2012 Pro4x and I just bought a 2015 Pro4x because I found this info out in May from my dealer. I have driven nearly 750,000 miles across country in the seat of one and am about to take the 2015 on it’s first cross country trek to Moab in 2 days. It’ll be a

Jul 21 2015

I don’t want to argue much, because The Fall was included, but the The Fountain looked amazing. Tron: Legacy looked pretty damn awesome too, but gets infinity negative points for Garrett Hedlund.

Jun 8 2015

You mean killed it as in not having his contract renewed? As in BBC killed it and not Clarkson. No charges laid and no follow up from the victim? Ever work a job with a heavy male contingent? I’ve thrown a punch at a subordinate, do you know what happened after? We got a beer together and are still good mates. Not Read more