I really find it so fucking weird to see the conjecture on the appropriateness of Mulaney & Munn’s relationship, or the opinions on Mulaney’s “inevitable” relapse. I get it on some level that Jezebel’s part gossip rag, part news-with-feminist-critique (I’m here for the latter), but the commenters in AV Club pulling Read more

Did Trump resign? Why should Cuomo? Read more

I’m having some strong skepticism that the “declined to press charges” decisons by employees weren’t encouraged by the employer. Read more

Cate Blanchett didn’t really say anything at all aside from courageously saying people who are guilty should be prosecuted in the criminal court. Read more

Kennedys dance gave me flashbacks to Kenya vs Latrice and not in a good way. Read more

Yeah. Why the hell was De La on that panel in the first place? She voted for Trixie though cause they are bffs and Shang was always her rival from the jump. Ben comes off so sweet (despite what I’m saying here I actually really like him - who wouldn’t?) but he is a game player through and through (something Shangela Read more

This is a long-winded piece wherein Juzwiak tries to squeeze something juicy out of an artist who’d like to talk about her music. Read more

Trade secret: add shitload of sugar to watered-down yogurt. Read more

Really where? Because I did not hear that song at all in public and I’m in LA Read more

But they could have just played Prince performances for 20m, and it would have been miles better. Read more

It seems like a desperate compromise between racist America and hipster America. Read more

I don’t think that most people in the stands were Minnesotans. Then there’s also the fact that Prince himself didn’t even like JT. Read more

If I gave a shit about the superbowl I’d probably be pissed. As it is I’m merely amused by the confidence shown by mediocre white men. Read more

Prince played the greatest SB halftime show of all time. Just him and his band, no guest performers. Purple Rain in the fucking actual rain, with lightning flashing across the sky!

Do not, do not, DO NOT try to invoke him in whatever pathetic show you are trying to put on decades later. Read more

I don’t think he rips off Black people because Pharrell and Timberland happily engage and support him and produce his music. It’s their fault as much as it is JT’s fault. Read more

“Trans women are women, and what I’ve been trying to say is that it’s the same. The stats are not that dissimilar. When you break it down, it is a much smaller population. There’s not a network here devoted to your fucking death.” Read more

And also, it’s going to put off the Norwegians. Read more