Are you upset that people are posting why they are not enjoying their experience because you enjoyed your experience by posting that your are upset that their experience was absolutely different than yours? Read more

I honestly was wondering right after I saw the latest trailer “hmm... How will the fuck this up? Everything actually looks good so far”. Read more

I really hope that Godzilla mopes around and feels sorry for himself while letting the other monsters run rampant for the entire movie. Read more

So many games lately (Destiny being a prime example) where i feel excuses are being made to justify the game because of some weird obligation playing or buying them. I played this at a buddy's house, and it reminded me of Titanfall in which it was a pure multiplayer game, made out to be a full single and multiplayer Read more

I vehemently dislike Nirvana, lol. Read more

the alien kicking up dust as it was running by had me rolling on the ground laughing :) Read more

please dont give them any more shitty ideas. Read more

I really hope they fix or remove that pesky bug where players are STILL somehow able to have a little bit of fun with the game. Read more

Whoa there, hyper guy. Though the impression is dead on, i think most would give a fighting chicken if he was not fat. Read more

That really goes for most of what is posted on the internet, lol. Read more

People are still playing NES games from way back when. It's not really (or shouldn't be) a manufacturer's call when a game or product should stop being enjoyed or used after its purchased. Read more

this actually looks like sonething I'd like to wear. Read more

That looks way cooler than any of the robots above. Read more

Holy hell do i despise the tone of the grimoire cards. They always end with these questions that i think are supposed to be deep but seem to point to the writer having no fucking clue what he was writing about. Read more

Great review... though honestly the more i read about Destiny, the less inclined I am to play it. I'm not sure about a game where the developer is a constant antagonist in my game experience. Read more

It really takes nothing to be noticed on the internet. Read more

So... there is a new currency to grind for? Yay. Read more