Aug 26 2017

If you are interested there is a completely english sub of Front Missions 5 completely subtitled and available to to play front to back if you don’t mind playing it on emulator. SE has no plans to make FM anything except for that mobile FM game that is underwraps which I’m sure will be beyond disappointing.

Aug 26 2017

My vote goes to Radiata Stories. It had surprisingly really good voice acting for that time period... actually, considering Breath of the Wild, Radiata Stories had really good voice acting, full stop.
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Jan 27 2017

Sorry for replying but it wouldn’t let me comment in any other way. Also sorry for being “that guy”, there isn’t really any way to say this over the Internet without sounding like a twat but it’s per se, not per say :p

Jan 19 2017

I wonder if he actually just means her breasts needed to look larger to better convey her embrace as being comforting?

Oct 20 2016

Good ole Nintendo, they never learned after releasing the Nintendo Cuck in 1994...

Oct 10 2016

You’re tremendously overvaluing Dragon Ball Z if you think it was any better than this.

Jun 16 2016

He was interesting in the first game. Got entirely detached from the second one onwards.

Jun 16 2016

The fact that Monster Hunter is one of the best selling game franchises in the world, and almost consists entirely of grinding—fun though hunting monsters may be—kind of disagrees with the argument you’re setting up here.

May 30 2016

I clicked after seeing title mention JRPG. I skimmed through it mostly. Since you wrote about my favourite genre, you get my appreciation. Good article. Never give up JRPGs, take break but truly not all will let you down.

May 28 2016

I love, love, looooooove, LOVE Nier. It’s one of my favorite games ever, and I’m always happy whenever I see that someone is playing it. Read more

May 12 2016

The problem with this comic is that Kojima’s FIRST response to questions about Quiet was that he liked hot girls in skimpy clothing. Read more