There are so many people like you on the internet who have such low self esteem that the only way they can assert themselves is by expressing themselves through uninvited snark and vitriol in discussion forums. Read more

All of the processing and colorization makes this a pretty useless exercise. Without those red herrings, I don't think there would be much mystery to these. Read more

Hi, I'm "Stan, Lord of Darkness".

That's kinda catchy! Read more

I'll tell you what's satanic: That fucking mustache. Read more

Your story makes me sad. I hope you have a happy life now. :) Read more

You either struggle with reading comprehension or you're trolling. Read more

Now you're comparing yourself to my parents? Do you read this shit before you post it? Read more

Jesus, we truly are a culture of headline readers.

*sigh* Read more

Question: How will we keep the soldiers of the future from using their HUDs to watch porn when they should be engaging the enemy? Read more

Ooh, tough question...

I enjoyed the TV series, but your argument is completely, 100% sound. I think I always just enjoyed the TV series with the mindset that it was a thing apart from the film. Kinda how I view some of the earliest Star Wars books from the EU. I don't think of them as canonical, but enjoyed them on their own merit. Read more

A good Highlander movie exists. It's the original. Read more

No offense. I thought you were saying that Anderson wrote the Thrawn Trilogy and the X-Wing books.

To answer your question, Anderson's plots are just overly-contrived (sun crusher?), and he just does not get the characters. I think that Zhan just captured the essence of the SW trilogy and its characters so well, that Read more