Corey Hass
Nov 4 2016

I agree. If I want to get rid of a car after a few months I’ve made a wrong choice. Would rather ride stuff until the wheels fall off, and take care of them so they don’t.

Aug 31 2016

Overloading a hitch AND THEN increasing the lever arm with a 1 1/4 to 2 inch adapter?

May 16 2016

I think I’m moving to CO next. Seems to have the best of east and west coast attitudes, and most importantly, better skiing than both.

May 4 2016

Yup Casey “piece of shit, not an original thought in his stoner head” Chan

Apr 20 2016

The Euro models all have ABS. It’s just the US that doesn’t get them.

Dec 7 2015

we both know i hate your instagram

Nov 11 2015

One man’s idea of failure is another man’s idea of FUCKING EPIC.

Nov 3 2015

This is a neat little gadget actually, and mainly because of it’s integration of the 2 components. While you can find more powerful ham radios and better GPS devices it’s nice to have just one thing that can function as both. Read more