Things this rotten aren’t invisible. Either he knew and chose to do nothing, or he chose not to see it. Either way, he didn’t ‘fail’ them. He *chose* to be part of the problem rather than the solution. Read more

I remember being a teen and never being this fucking stupid or causing this much damage. You must have been a shitty kid.

It is. It’s just teaching something different than what you imagine: namely that symbols are fluid and what might be normal or appropriate in one context may not carry the same significance in other contexts.

Translation always includes an element of adaptation. Idiomatic expressions are rewritten to be sensible to not just the language but also the culture being targeted by the translation. Gestures may need to be explained or changed. Hell, even the hesitation-noises and environmental sounds may need to be “translated” Read more

Exactly. This game was the most made N64 game and was constantly packaged with the system. This screams money laundering to me

Much like art auctions: it’s probably money laundering.

I wasn’t going to respond to this nonsense, but two other Republicans people who work with you on Wall Street starred your drivel, so here we are. Read more

Because he’s a piece of shit? That’s about it. He’s defending it because he’s a piece of shit.

This is peak-peak-capitalism right here. This is the signal of the complete collapse and fiery death of the Earth. This is what it’s all evolved into - obnoxious Gamers playing slot machines for big money while their destitute and unwashed fans watch them win money using fake money. A 20-year-old named Tyler ToXiCiTy Read more

This notion that you can take highly political situations and just opt out of making a political statement means you’re not being political is eyerolling. It doesn’t have to be a grand political statement. No one is arguing they should be putting out some sort of philosophical treatise or anything. But when you make a Read more

I will come through the internet and fight anyone who writes off Digimon as a Pokémon knockoff. Read more

I may not be the most objective observer*, but Neopets wasn’t really a Pokemon imitator. It was inspired by tamagotchi. Read more

Government employees in Ottawa did so for years under the Phoenix pay system. Read more

FYI this argument is used by corporations to justify squeezing anyone they can for money. In reality, no one ever loses a trademark or copyright by not suing people.

Read: You didn't get it and are furiously backpedaling. 

No one said it couldn’t be done. People said it was over priced and less efficient then existing transit options.
Everyone knew it could be done, its just pointless and dumb

Basic respect for human beings is not a place to compromise.

It’s quite telling that in a webpage that updates the names of characters who change their names (like Finn, or Rey Skywalker), ships that change their names (like the Millennium Falcon), movies that change their names (like Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope) and even real people who changed their surname when they got Read more