Sep 14

Imagine being so inured to military propaganda and how ingrained the military industrial complex is at all levels of American culture, government, and life that you can’t understand how this is very much something to care about.

Sep 14

Yeah, why would people take military recruitment propaganda from the world's most expensive defense budget seriously?

Jun 29

It’s not really her responsibility to ask someone not to be a creep towards her.

Jun 26

Mounting evidence that it wasn’t schtick?

May 27

I mixed this up with Small Soldiers and was very confused for a minute.

May 1

I said this guy was garbage previously for his bullshit, and I got walls of text on how I was the bad guy and he wasn’t that bad.

I stand by what I said. This guy is garbage.

May 1

If they just outright removed the modern day from future games, I wonder if I would even notice. For the first few ACs, it seemed like they were developing a legitimate, albeit painfully slow, narrative thread, but now they’ve dropped it altogether and it just feels like a mild distraction at best, and an annoying Read more

May 1

Destiny, a game about promising to do better next time.

Apr 30

The “historical accuracy” argument only seems to pop up when there are women or minority characters in game, or there is a lack of NAzi symbols in a game. Weird how that works.

Apr 27

Looks like you never stopped. Maybe try mentally growing up passed 14 too. 

Apr 19

I mean, he’s a shit guy. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s certainly worth calling out China’s total lack of regard for intellectual property theft. You know these guys aren’t getting third party licenses to manufacture these from Sony. Read more

Feb 21

Why can’t you just be racist like everyone else?” Read more

Dec 21

Half the movie was undoing what had been done 5 minutes previously . Felt like a game of uno

Dec 12

You and the anonymous someone else are exactly correct.

Dec 12

As someone else pointed out, it’s funny because Yoda seems to break character in the last frame by not speaking in his usual OSV linguistic typology.

Dec 10

“‘Help everyone’ how?”

By telling the people who are actually in a position to make a fucking difference to do their fucking jobs you stupid fuck. 

Dec 10

Never fails to blow my mind how big of a toddler meltdown people have when faced with the idea that we should probably do everything we can to keep our planet habitable.  

Dec 10

“who has accomplished nothing in her life”

Tell us all about your UN speeches, cupcake. 

Dec 7

Sounds like you might be better off playing Jesus’ partner, BMX Bandit.