Sep 21

I really hope we see Wing & Knight in the Shang-Chi film. 

Sep 9

JJ Abrams knew Rey had to be descended from someone important in Star Wars Read more

Sep 6

The Animatrix says hi.

Sep 3

Let’s just hand Snyder the keys to a franchise. Yeah, that’s worked out real well before. I see that Netflix wants to make the same mistakes Warner Brothers did.

Aug 26

Can’t Trump just get out his Sharpie and draw it a new path? 

Aug 6

You may have missed your chance when the Gestapo pulled out of Portland.

Aug 6

Future-Blight has two goals in mind: escaping the disgusting, more peaceful world of 2015” Read more

Aug 6

I know regular Captain Planet wouldn’t kill Hitler, but Don Cheadle Captain Planet would destroy all of Germany just to be sure.

Jul 30

Same for Tilly being a more patient and restrained alternate Captain Killy.

Jul 30

There’s a good reason to include John K’s horrible actions. Read more

Jul 23

If Avatar 2 is PG-13 then 13 year olds in 2022 who weren’t even born in 2009 when the first Avatar came out, will be able to see it 

Jul 15

When I worked for the National Park Service, the whole Pacific West region got hacked and we had a mandatory meeting to discuss what went wrong. After at least an hour, one woman asked if it would still be okay to reply to chain letters using her personal email account while on a work computer.  She and her friend Read more

Jul 15

I work in retail and we had a deluge in scam calls across the country some years back from people pretending to be our IT department and the store needed to run some "test" MoneyGram transactions or some gift cards needed to be rung up. It got so bad they added prompts to the registers asking if the person was in Read more

Jul 13

This listicle format is evil.