Feb 19 2016

They brought them back to America after a refresh in 2014. I just found out about this yesterday too. Read more

Apr 24 2015

I remember reading it was somewhat real, a casting director would meet people in coffee shops, bars, etc. and ask them if they wanted to be part of a TV shoot or something like that, he would then “Call them a cab” to take them to the shoot and give them an address. Then they would surprise them with the Cash Cab to Read more

Mar 7 2014

Public transportation can be very enabling of Jalop-type behavior. If you take a train or bus to work, you can justify buying a car that gets horrible gas mileage and has questionable reliability, but is infinitely more fun than the Accord you have now.

Feb 5 2014

That's the same mileage my 2005 sedan is rated at, and I can't tow 9000 lbs with it.

Feb 3 2014

But where would automotive comedy be without half-truthful generalizations?

Dec 13 2013

Platform was great when I test drove it about a year ago. Finished 3rd in the list of about 10 cars I drove... Lost out to a Mazda 3, and that was a more financial thing than a driving thing. I was torn between the 3, Dart and Focus and incentives won the battle for the 3. But boy was is fun to kick around in the Read more

Oct 24 2013

The Citrus Peel on the new Dart is pretty great. It's actually a three step paint, with a green base-coat, a metallic pearl-coat, and then clear-coat on top. It looks really really good in person:

Aug 30 2013

The article also mistakenly correlates car culture with car ownership. There are thousands of car enthusiasts, like myself, who don't even own a car, and might not for several years.