5:14 PM

I’d say most could give their seats up and don’t. but I think you point is a great one. That perfectly fine looking person could have their own issues. Don’t assume their guilt.

There is a theme in this article that people are complaining that they are being offered a seat while at the same time they want people to Read more

4:54 PM

Wow, I have issues with this.

First, a “White man” quip? Way to alienate a large amount of the audience. I guess it is ok to be racist, ageist and sexist to white adult males, right? The attempt to inject humor failed.

So my question is, why do we need stealth etiquette for giving up a seat to someone that could use Read more

6:01 PM

Completely agree with you Tom.

People that are out of the know, you do know that this isn’t new right? I can make a gun out of items bought at Lowes. You are legally allowed to make your own firearm if you are legally allowed to own one. Because they are simple mechanical devices making a firearm is not difficult.

I Read more

10:29 AM

I read the whole thing, then got to a comment where someone (you) starting spouting that elbowing is more effective then punching. The isn’t a foolish stand, but it can only be true if there is some agreed upon rules keeping people from using attacks that can be more effective than striking. Punching someone keeps Read more

5:52 PM

There is a little thing called reach. Elbows are great if the person doesn’t hit you before you can get inside their max reach. But if someone came at me using elbows I’d probably use my hands in an even more destructive way than punching or elbowing. If the guy is striking me with elbows that means he is well with in Read more

4:25 PM

I liked the new xB. I think that It needed a refresh and it pricing looked at. The second was as cheap and funky as the first gen. But it had style. We ended up buying a Mazda 5 because we could get a nicer interior, where leather wasn’t an option on the xB. That really was the deal breaker,there were a lot of things Read more

4:44 PM

And.... Yeah we produce crap all the time that has us kicking an evil China right in the balls. Turnabout.

1:10 PM

The guy who did this has hero status. Cars are meant to be driven.

2:00 PM

What is wrong with people? Death threats are way beyond not ok. Freaking nutjobs. Why do people have any drive to contact her at all. If she got the part that’d be fine. I’d wish her luck. I’d hope it turns out well. Read more

12:55 PM

Doesn't make him a hero, but it does define him as a man.

Still deserved to be fired. But shows good character by defending a person he should not have attacked.

11:31 AM

Completely agree. I have driven a 550HP car (no e-throttle) around a parking lot and felt out of my league. I think a lot of people have little clue how much power they are talking about. Most people obsessed with HP can't actually drive such power. Newer cars with electronic throttles and other driving aids help a Read more

9:39 PM

One fast shot has people concerned? Troopers are supposed to be clones, but we don't have the whole story on why he is in the suit. I don't think this is a racist thing going on. People are just wondering if this is a change in canon. It could be a big story line hint.

5:10 PM

I'm not really the classic Mustang guy and I bought a 2012 GT 4 months ago. They are pretty awesome. The interior is early 2000 BMW-ish. The 5.0 power plant is amazing. The suspension is sore subject, but the thing does Daily driver duty for me; It is Ok in that use. But the aftermarket is big and suspensions can be Read more

5:02 PM

T5Killer has a new man-crush. But don't feel too special, because if this is the T5killer I know (I'm pretty sure it is since he has a NM flag and this is a Jalop article with some relationship to Mustangs), he has a long list of Mustang related man-crushes.

1:04 PM

I've long awaited the time when my paint chip eating will give me superpowers. Does barium taste as good as lead?

12:07 PM

If they were advanced enough they would most likely have just been the invaders themselves. but for many reason the Americas were not properly primed to be the launch vehicle for colonization. If you haven't read "Guns, Germs and Steel", I'd recommend it. It covers why Europe ended up up as it did and other places Read more

11:04 AM

I don't agree with these fine lines everyone has been trying to put on the word "supercar". If someone said they owned a Testarossa and called it a supercar, I'd agree. I don't think a GT car can't be a Supercar. To me a Supercar is a sports car with high level of performance and exotic design and construction for Read more

1:38 PM

Scion xB 2nd Gen with a manual

Really what should I have expected? I wasn't expecting a sports car. The xB has to push a lot of air. But it is pretty much a box to take people an stuff around in and in that role I was interested. It was a great car if you wanted a minivan, but didn't want a minivan. I tried it in

11:41 PM

Pis are cool, but I think you need to do a microcontroller, rather than a full blown computer. Computers are very prone to failure, you don't want to have to reboot your Pi, or worse have it die or lockup while you are driving. Cool idea? Sure, but I'd stick with something a bit more reliable. Keep the Pi as Read more