Mar 19 2019

I call BS. Curt Schilling is not in the Hall of Fame.

Dec 2 2018

Riiiiight... You say this about that guy that immediately after game when one of the cameras was following him around the pitch looked into the camera and said, “Origi scored the goal”, pointed over to him, and then physically turned the camera toward Origi.  He didn’t want the attention and thought it should be on Read more

Oct 25 2018

C’mon, man — you’re building your picture of New England sports fans from a 1/2 baked notion of the loudest voices in the room — the Sullies & Wahlbergs & Simmonses, if you will. But don’t get it twisted! There’s a million+ of us out here, rooting for the one team we’ve ever known, sweating out the memory of an 86+ Read more

May 31 2018

I thought the 700 club was something you were a member of if you fucked in a Cessna.

May 14 2018

As a goalie, stopping a pk is a coin flip anyway, since you have to try to read their hips at the last second to make an educated guess as to where the ball’s going. When you add in the precision good players can get in their shots from a set position all of 12 yards out, if you can’t move a step or two before the Read more

May 7 2018

Please stop with this. The only thing anyone who knows hockey thought was that the Golden Knights would be “competitive” with was Arizona and the worst record in hockey this year and whether or not they would finish with less points than Colorado had last year. This whole made up “the league rigged the expansion Read more

Apr 3 2018

I drink busch fairly regularly and still think yelling slogans from a brand is a horrible way to be social with people. If your identity is “the guy yelling the shitty beer phrase” you’re probably annoying as hell.

Apr 3 2018

Ugh; I’m so sick of this viewpoint. People who drink good beer are not de facto snobs, just like you are not a certified hero of the working class for being able to stomach Bud Light. Just drink what you want.

Apr 3 2018

Drink whatever you want - but Dilly Dilly is dumb as fuck. People who think it is funny are terrible independent of their beer selection.

Mar 22 2018

I see what you’re saying, but at some point it’s time to make your own show (literally or metaphorically). That’s not going to happen on the couch. Read more