Sep 27

Hype is still going to be pretty high right now for this game. People are trying to temper their expectations because the last several Final Fantasies have not been meeting the exceedingly high expectations set over a decade ago, or by SE’s marketing campaigns. That said, its still a recent announcement and people are Read more

Sep 11

>groom young fans
It was another player. In fact, it was the same player (captainzack) who had been in a previous relationship with Ally, another high end smasher who was blackmailed by him and destroyed by the public. He was the one who approached Nairo. Nairo refused previously in the past. Nairo did not refuse Read more

Aug 18

you seem to be forgetting United Offensive. It improves on the base CoD experience by adding new weapons and vehicles.

Aug 16

i dunno. united offensive had tanks.

Jul 28

depends on the game. Genres im unfamiliar with i go Normal. If the game tells me to go a specific difficulty, i choose that (like Furier in Furi). The Mass Effect series is an always Insanity gameplay for me.

A special shout out to Challenge Mode in Pokemon BW2 for being the best Pokemon experience in the franchise, Read more

Jul 21

they still continue to mod NHL04 every year with updated rosters, face meshes, goal horn changes, etc. Its really something to watch. 

Jul 20

VVVVVV, Kirby’s Adventure, Donkey Kong Country. 

Jul 8

to be that guy, its an essential sign in scuba diving.
Thumbs up is a sign of surfacing, usually if there is an issue. OK is a sign that everything is good.

Jun 27

Shiftry is one of my favorite pokemon on paper, before he starts getting punched in the mouth. downright absurd movepool, brought down by weak typing and middling stats. His ability Pickpocket is also terrible, being the opposite of what anyone wants (Magician is the one people like). Being a Shiftry fan is suffering Read more

Jun 14

So I help run a convention every year, and it was supposed to be this weekend. So obviously no go there.

However, we still managed to do a few things digitally for folks, so that was nice. Mostly small stuff, like jackbox games, online tournaments, digital panels. Easily the highlight this weekend though has been Read more

May 20

you’re welcome, everybody.

May 17

ive been on a binge of pre-2000s anime. The highlights so far have been City Hunter and Slayers. Its one of those things where the effort required to watch them is high, but its been worth it. Lina Inverse is a treasure.

May 13

they have their own charm. Much like how people can prefer Tim Follin’s mastery of the NES sound chip over modern high quality audio, there are some who will appreciate the cleverness of a developer to circumvent hardware restrictions or pull the most out of their game.

May 11

conversely, what if the press didnt overtly hate Sanders so much? Biden was distant 4th until he won a state that’s impossible for dems to carry in november, so he’s suddenly the frontrunner.

Im firmly in trump country also, so its not like my vote matters anyway. But id have a hell of a lot more passion for the Read more

Apr 29

i’ve felt nothing but disgust because its replaced Prince of Persia for the last 10 years. Does that count?

Apr 14

I have mixed feelings about remakes. Because on one hand, we get excellent works like Resident Evil 2 or Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver, which manage to bring back everything we wanted from the original, plus more.

But then you also get things like Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, a game that missed the mark tremendously Read more

Mar 24

dissenting opinion #6: Doom Eternal’s level design feels fake. Regardless of my enjoyment of puzzle platforming/jump puzzle/parkour sequences in video games, it should at least not feel ‘fake’

What platforming there was in 2016 felt somewhat organic because you had this “gotta climb the ruined structures” mentality of Read more

Mar 24

Gonna see how the next few days is going to treat me and the rest of the Kentuckians. Gov. Beshear has been ahead of the curve on most things, which means that Shelter In Place is not far from now. Gonna make moving to my new home difficult, but there are worse things. At least im still working for as long as people Read more

Mar 20

technically his first day is today.