Yesterday 11:49AM

I honestly ended up liking Seth Meyers quite a bit during the pandemic. And I never once bothered watching his show before now.

I think they all really leaned into Youtube/Streaming, so I didn’t feel like I was missing the “live” broadcast.

Thursday 4:24PM

Listen, Bob - if the gay people in your life haven’t stopped you from leaving the house looking like a boxcar hobo who collapsed on a Walgreen’s 4th of July display, then they’re definitely not your friends.

Wednesday 6:08PM

Mind you, Kim Kardashian gave up on it too. A woman who pretty much never met a stuffed bank account she didn’t like. That says something...
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Wednesday 5:49PM

Who looks at Kanye and even with his current wealth goes “yeah, that’s a situation where the benefits outweigh the cons”? Read more

Wednesday 12:46PM

I once fell in love with an addict who was an abuser, a manipulator, and just generally a shitty person. That didn’t stop when he stopped using drugs. Some people are garbage with or without substances, and any time someone uses addiction to absolve themselves of violent, abhorrent behavior it makes me so angry. I’m Read more

Wednesday 11:30AM

Ben’s a mess but I’m suspicious of anyone who can’t be single for 5 minutes. 

Wednesday 10:33AM

Honestly if there was one actor that could just go away and not be a big deal it would be Armie Hammer. He is attractive, still kind of young, and he is beyond wealthy no wealthy no matter how you slice it. He is is a mediocre actor that could be replaced in literally everything he was in without anyone batting an Read more

Tuesday 10:40PM

Here’s what addiction specialists say in response to Mel Gibson’s use of addiction to excuse his assholery:
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Monday 6:54PM

Yes! I checked a Today article, and she drinks alcohol, uses non-hormonal birth control, and is getting therapy! Yay Jill Dillard! 

Monday 6:25PM

It’s nice to see that Jill Dillard appears to have escaped the cult and is leading a more normal life, judging by her Instagram. Married seven years and only two kids, and her husband just graduated from law school. Good for them. Read more

6/06/21 2:50PM

Two things can be true at once: A person can be a victim of trauma, deserving of compassion and a vapid, materialistic asshole. A person can be the subject of a misogynistic media machine and a shitty, superficial racist. Read more

6/04/21 10:20PM

She was not an unsophisticated country girl. The Spencer family is arguably older than the Windsor family she married into. Her father was the 8th Earl of Spencer. She had connections to and associated with the royal family from birth, basically.

6/04/21 6:10PM

What are those sleeves stuffed with to keep them puffed? Is it itchy? I’ll bet that dress was super itchy, as well as fugly.

6/04/21 10:47AM

I’ve been unemployed since March 2020 when Broadway shut down. My savings have dwindled because I still have bills to pay and any extra cash, I threw to student loans to help pay them down while they weren’t incurring interest. All that’s to say: I would kill to be yelled at on a movie set by a known crazy person if Read more

6/03/21 8:42PM

I would like to protest that being ‘not super thin(impossible cut for men)’ isn’t a fault.

2/24/21 7:40PM

How can this film be any more ridiculous than Midsommar? That film has a guy cannibalised for peeing and they go full Airplane at some point. Like that’s not kid ourselves into thinking that Midsommar is a good film. It’s a piece of shit film that only works as an unintentional riff on The Wicker Man. Christ they cast Read more