As an IT guy, I assure you they didn’t magically code in some button to make a person’s notification feed glitch.

Even if there was a known bug that they could somehow willingly inflict on an individual user, it would require the command going down through the ranks to find the few folks who know how to pull it off, Read more

It’s not anything as classy as Dances with Wolves or Pocahontas. Read more

Couldn’t they just design the antenna to block signals coming from close to the horizon and limit it to only receiving signal from a more narrow part of the sky?

Seems like their receiver antenna they have shipped is poorly designed, more than it being impossible to have cell towers using the same frequency. Read more

Look at how much the government makes off of taxes of cigarettes vs e-cigarettes.

Now think about why the government really wants to reduce the nicotine content in cigarettes, and how many more cigarettes it will lead to people smoking, especially if e-cigs are banned. Read more

The loading and unloading is handled via offramps. The cars ideally wouldn’t even slow down until out of the main tunnel. Read more

This one is kind obvious. Trains would have to stop at every stop. Whereas using cars/shuttles you can have them go from airport to a specific casino with no stops between.

It is also WAY cheaper.

The question I have is, why does it need to be a tunnel instead of just an elevated roadway.  Read more

The big part you missed in this article is WHY shows like this exist and who funds them.

They are all sponsered by Lowes and Home Depot and the manufacturers of all the stuff you buy when remodeling your home.

The whole entire point of the shows is to make you discontent with your current home with its non-granite Read more

I don’t know man. I lived through that era and am about the same age as the kids from Stranger things. You know what happened when the date flipped from 1989 to 1990? Not much of anything. It wasn’t like 1990 was substantially different. Just a bit more neon and Reebok Pumps started showing up.  Read more

A bunch of sandstone breaking loose from a wall that was literally formed by a bunch of sandstone breaking loose from erosion, is not an “extreme event”

It is kinda normal. The interesting part is that it was caught on video.  Read more

I get this. If he is making factory workers be present, the high up executives can be present.

I am not gonna shed a tear for high paid execs having to be in the office, as long as it doesn’t trickle down to the mid level and below employees. Read more

to quote Shibetoshi Nakamoto

Read more

Will it also mask your name? Shipping Address? The Card Number itself is only half the problem with all the PCI hacks. Read more

Can’t speak for EU Government employed techs, but in the US you definitely do not get the A-Team working any government tech jobs. Maybe not even the B-Team. Read more

Trump won’t use Twitter if Musk owns it. Trump started his own Social Network that is supposedly all about being more open to free speech.

If Trump just switches back to Twitter, because it is open to free speech, then his entire investment goes up in smoke. If this goes through, Trump and Musk are competitors not Read more

It honestly sounds better than being trapped in an apartment starving and begging for food. Read more

Clearly Musk doesn’t equate them as he is spending 50B to fix what he sees as a problem rather than ask the government to step in. Read more

The downside then becomes how the kits work. Had a cracked screen on a Galaxy S21.

To fix it, you removed the back, removed the system board/memory, and removed the camera module, and then put all that stuff you removed onto an entirely new phone chassis that even included the battery. Sure it made it super easy to Read more

My Wyze cameras are on a guest Wifi network and only point at some rat traps in my attic and a couple 3D printers.

I am not concerned.

ALL CHEAP CAMERAS are a security vulnerability. Read more

Yeah that was never really a thing with malicious hackers. Read more