9/10/14 6:28PM

We've had babies die, and the anti-vaccine movement continues :/ . Same dynamic happens with "unassisted" childbirth- a baby dies a birth that appears to be preventable, yet mom doubles down on her belief that it's the best way. There's no reasoning with them.

9/10/14 6:27PM

I have shared this before, my bff was not vaccinated and got measles as a child. She still has some scars on her lungs and her mother is still racked with guilt for listening to a "hippy" doctor and not insisting on vaccinations. She almost died and as an adult is healthy and loves to mountain climb. Her doctor has Read more

9/07/14 9:33PM

I assure you, every "super clean" place you see is just as filthy as all of the others in the back. I've been in this business for a long time and what the customer can't see gets a lot less attention towards how it looks.

9/07/14 9:09PM

I get this. I totally get this. There isn't exactly a dearth of Chinese places in my neighborhood and the funkiest, grossest one has the best food. Honestly, I get their food delivered because I'm convinced I will get all the herpes if I walk inside their joint. Read more

9/07/14 6:00PM

I've been anesthetized each and every time, that's normal for an endoscopy. I've certainly never been awake during them. It's a minor procedure that you could call "surgery" I suppose. They take biopsies when I get them. I've had major surgery, as has Joan. Frankly, her enormous amount of plastic surgery carries Read more

9/07/14 5:49PM

I hope she (or he) isn't. Truth is that, despite all precautions, things can still happen, either during in-patient and outpatient practices.

9/07/14 5:27PM

and possibility of some unknown to the public medical condition

9/07/14 5:27PM

The woman was 81 years old. Why can't these commenters understand that? Medical procedures get more dangerous the older you are, so unless there is actual wrongdoing proven stop slamming the clinic. Yes it's sad she has passed but don't call people murderers.

9/07/14 5:26PM

It'll be interesting to see what the investigation turns up. In the meantime, though, we can't jump to conclusions, because there is a high risk with anesthesia in elderly people.

8/23/14 9:30PM

I always think of fights between non-police whenever this is brought up. The person you're fighting often resists, but death is not often the outcome. You might get beat up a little, but both parties generally come out alive. But when it's an officer, this line of reasoning is used as a defense. Read more

8/23/14 7:09PM

I just feel like this whole country is trolling me now. Unarmed black men beaten and killed in the streets and hundreds of racists donate money to the white cop perpetrator while also posting insanely racist messages, meanwhile white folks carry around assault rifles while they're shopping at WalMart completely Read more

8/18/14 12:06PM

Everything in the US needs fixing. Our law enforcement system needs fixing. Our health care needs fixing. Our banks need fixing. Our college and university system needs fixing. OUR ISPs NEED FIXING. FUCK YOU COMCAST. Read more

8/18/14 11:12AM

John Oliver was on fire last night. I was really, really hoping he'd tackle the Ferguson situation (since he's impressed me before with so many other issues) and I was not disappointed. I know his show doesn't do many follow-ups, but I hope when they come back in two weeks, he revisits the story. Read more

8/18/14 10:38AM

It reminds me a bit of what happened with the mass shootings, where one side said "We need to focus on mental health treatment," and the other said, "We need to focus on gun control" - despite the fact that, really, at least both those things were at issues (and nothing ever happened to help anyone). Once again, it Read more

8/18/14 10:25AM

Nobody is denying that, but having a tank roll down Main Street, USA with men holding scoped assault weapons has a way of dialing up the crazy.

8/18/14 10:23AM

police racism is a problem and militarisation is another problem, we can talk about both