Sep 11 2019

I never really had anything against him, he seemed like a decent dude overall. I generally don’t think that he should be blamed for all the whack jobs killing people saying #subtopewdiepie. It’s not like he asked for that or anything. Read more

Sep 5 2019

How fucking hard is it for people to simply change the channel?

You’re a grown ass adult too. Grow the fuck up. Its retardedly autistic to continue to punish yourself by repeatedly putting yourself in situations where you’re going to be offended.

Why are you still watching DrDisrespect, or Tyler1, or TicklemePink or any Read more

Jul 26 2019

They’re using the same, tired, buggy engine for ES6 so it’s already confirmed to be messed up.

Jul 10 2019

Proof yet again that the Switch is actually a Vita.

Jul 9 2019

Grady is the guy who “legitimized” Fakku by stealing translations that did not belong to his team and then charging people to read them, all while issuing DMCAs to translators and groups who wanted to provide things for free despite him. He then used this as the base to catapult Fakku into “a business” by Read more

Jun 28 2019

“Planet With” would be another good one to throw on here as well maybe in place of Gridman depending on which old-school, Japanese kid show you favor as a base.

Jun 25 2019

I’m really surprise they didn’t use her Remake appearance:

Jun 12 2019

It makes no sense to get upset over imagery in a work of fiction until you know in what context the imagery is being used. Also, a depiction of a fictionalized world is likely to contain portrayals of real bigotry, especially one set in this universe, so it’s not appropriate to assume that just because bigotry is Read more

Jun 5 2019

Yeah, but just remember, once the eSports crash comes he’ll be out of a job and still a loaded teenager able to decide where his life goes from th- well, fuck.

May 20 2019

I feel like comparisons like this are highly mis-leading. The problem here is that no developer is going to look at all of that extra horsepower and decide to put it all towards faster loading times. They’ll want better textures, models, effects, AI and more instead, and thus the load times will remain roughly the Read more

May 19 2019

Elitism and gatekeeping suck, but I think there’s sort of a difference between this and the usual drive-by “consoles are trash, get a PC, idiot!” sentiments. It just seems weird that if you’re the type of person who’s rushing and trying to compete in world first races, you’d do it on a platform that you think has such Read more

May 18 2019

That’s the original way. The early Roman numerals went I, II, III, IIII, V, VI, VII, VIII, VIIII, X. Later IIII and VIIII got changed/shortened to IV and IX respectively.

May 17 2019

They’re complaining that it’s too tough, then admit that one of the members was drunk and had to be replaced before they beat the encounter... Yeah, sure sounds like the game itself is the issue there.

Regarding people complaining that it might take them more than one reset to beat it, welcome to actual Raiding, and Read more

May 15 2019

This. You can build one of the best decks in the game (mono Red or mono white) within one or two weeks of f2p. Read more

May 15 2019

but the truth is that playing Magic Arena and spending no money means being either uncompetitive or very, very good.
Read more

May 14 2019

Reminder to everyone that Sony fucked over PQube hard when they cancelled the release of Omega Labyrinth Z after PQube was literally done with the game and ready to ship it.

May 13 2019

I think the controversy is less over the specific picks and more over how they were picked. Read more