Does everyone have jetpacks? Or is that only with certain troops? Because the only thing right now not making me 100% down for the game is if everyone has a jetpack and is zipping around like Boba Fett
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I’m tired of Peter Parker, give me Miles Morales. Peter’s story is tired at this point, and the Miles Morales take on spiderman is modern and fresh. Plus it would fit well into what Marvel is publishing in their comics currently. I’d also like to see him played by Donald Glover, although the actor miiiight be too old Read more

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This is lame. It isn’t even fighting, just walloping on each other with a sword. No skill, not any real historic sword technique, only an attempt by MMA promoters to cash into the Battle Of Nations nonsense that is sweeping across eastern Europe. Actual swordfighting in armor isn’t nearly as exciting

I feel like rapier improves my overall longsword game because it helps me understand and improve tempo and measure more so than longsword. Then again, I also think that learning classical fencing has helped with rapier! Read more

I'm also a practicing HEMA enthusiast. I'm a big fan of Longsword, but my personal favorite is the rapier, which I personally think doesn't get enough love. Anyways, there is an upcoming HEMA event in Boston area that I think the public can spectate at. Read more

"Boob Plate" does exist in a way, as a plastic chest guard in modern fencing. Granted, it isn't a part of a full metal suit.

The O'Neill cylinder that is a focal point of Mobile Suit Gundam Read more

Don't forget that essential British fantasy author Micheal Moorcock coined the term "Sword and Sorcery". Read more

Seaweed and algae. Concentrated powders of spirulina and such. And probably more plant-based diet Read more

Stormbringer would be great to see in a store. And although this isn't a RPG, but those Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds GM books for anything and everything associated with making all aspects of a campaign would be nice to see for not more than 40 dollars on ebay. I bought a few a couple years ago for 20 bucks, but now Read more