Mar 13 2018

I do my best to scroll past all walking dead articles because I’m a season behind. But when you put major spoilers about a person leaving the show right there in the headline, it’s impossible to avoid. Can you please rethink how you write your headlines for people like me who don’t have time to catch up on every show? Read more

Sep 20 2017

This was probably the moment I realised I was watching something a bit special.

Sep 12 2017

Pournelle’s great stroke of luck was to hook up with Niven, but for Niven, not so much. They produced one good work together, The Mote in God’s Eye (1974), but even that was stained by Pournelle’s politics. Even when I read the book as a kid I was taken aback by the opening, where the first thing we see the “hero” do Read more

Aug 28 2017

I’m not sure that training a dragon to accept a rider is that difficult a thing. The first time Drogon did it was in the fighting pits of Mereen and he’d never been trained before. Maybe it’s like dogs and playing fetch: 90% of the time they just know how to play instinctively.* Read more

Aug 11 2017

Musk may have made his initial public comments because the Dailymail was running a story that their relationship ending due to her poor character: “he’d heard certain things about her behavior that didn’t sit well with him. Amber can be very manipulative and selfish.” A lot of people inexplicably hate Amber Heard, and Read more

Jul 16 2017

Yes, I’m referring to the show’s history as the source material, and in the entire run of the franchise the character has always been male. For some people gender can be a defining characteristic of a fictional character, doesn’t mean they’re against female leads or that they’re misogynistic.

The same point could be Read more

Jun 14 2017

Nova Corps also called Quill “Space-Lord” in his rap sheet, so it could be an in-universe goof.

Jun 8 2017

Going faster to Mars reduces the problem a lot. Which is why SpaceX is planning on 80-120 day trips.

May 28 2017

The Doctor did just a short while earlier convince the local heads of the militaries to promise not to fight each other even if ordered to by their superiors. Having primed them to ignore their own presidents, they simply went one step further than the Doctor intended and they ignored him as yet another president. Read more

May 27 2017

That’s the problem with most superhero shows on tv nowadays. 22 episodes they need to write, but the writers also want the focus to be on a specific villain. Prometheus, Savitar, Reverse Flash. The only way for them to drag the show along for a full season with a single villain is for the heroes to lose time and time Read more

May 26 2017

I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them (including Merlyn) survived. The cut away from the guy trapped on the land mine explosion basically guarantees he somehow escaped.. I was expecting him to show up during the Thea is sad about her evil dead Dad scene after seeing that she really did care. Read more

Apr 24 2017

Individually, the scenes are excellent, and there’s always a lot going on, but without a clear goal or main villain, the film seems to be missing a sense of purpose. Everything in the center of the movie feels like its meandering, like they’re all waiting for something to bring them all back together. Read more

Mar 27 2017

Once again, I respectfully disagree about the Grimes Gang’s murky morality, and I especially refute the awfulness of the attack on the Savior’s satellite station. Reasons below. Read more

Mar 2 2017

Thank you for that wonderful reply. I still think on my personal balance that Pappagallo is perhaps the worse of the two, but you make excellent points, particularly about the “relationship between the rules of our civilizations and brutality that seems external, but just might be intertwined with them”. Well said! Read more

Mar 1 2017

Overall a good list, but there is one point where I’d say you definitely picked the wrong terrible person: Lord Humongous. He’s not the worst person in the Mad Max universe (That’s clearly warlord, cult figure, and serial rapist Immortan Joe). What most people miss is that Lord Humongous isn’t even the worst person in Read more

Mar 1 2017

Honestly, I think we have a studio to blame for Donnie Darko being good. Southland Tales was Richard Kelly without a leash. It has the smell of hot garbage, but the texture of frozen trash.

Feb 27 2017

Negan may end up a la “Hannibal Lecter,” as an adviser of sorts to Rick & crew, but one who will turn on you when you ain’t looking and least expect it.

Sep 22 2016

I thought the characters have ended up exactly where they were supposed to and it was the great ending of their arcs this season.
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