May 5 2019

Cue up Eddie Murphy’s “This is my house! And if you don’t like it, get the fuck out!” 😂 Read more

Mar 6 2019

I know they’re worried about legal ramifications, but at some point I think Valve just needs to come out and say: Read more

Mar 5 2019

As a fan of visual novels, I’ve played PLENTY of them with rape, and I can name a few off the top of my head that are awesome games with great characters and stories. Read more

Jan 4 2019

If you strike me down, I will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine.

Apr 10 2018

I... get removing the songs from any reprints of the game. I can even get behind any new downloads or sales... Read more

Apr 9 2018

The worst thing about FC2 was this glitch. I stopped playing it because of that. Guns jamming is ok, but not something I want in a video game, or the fucking Malaria bullshit.

Apr 9 2018

To each their own, I suppose. I strongly disliked most of those mechanics when I first tried out FC2. I also hated how a checkpoint I had cleared would be fully staffed again a few minutes later when I drove back through. Read more

Oct 4 2017

So... Boyega has played characters named Finn and Jake. Alright, then.

Jul 23 2017

I definitely need Palom and Porom book stands now.

Mar 30 2017

I DO think it’s hilarious that they worked a lore reason for the gear reset into the reveal trailer.

Mar 30 2017

Nah, I actually think this is what most players want. Current Destiny is a mess in terms of balancing, economy, leveling, and pretty much everything involving gear.

Mar 16 2017

Wow, even kids are shitting on my main now... shit does this mean everyone hates me?

Mar 3 2017

Great write up Gita! Hello all. I’m “Elliot” from the article. Tim and I would just like to make it known that Mike was so much more than a Destiny PVE guru. We understand that the focus of this story is the gaming side of his life because...well...this is Kotaku. He is survived by his girlfriend Christy and two Read more

Jan 31 2017

Heartbreaking. I couldn’t really deal with being there. So I said my final goodbyes by myself earlier last week, by going to all my favorite landmarks, and finally logging off in Glenden Wood. A place I would gather with long forgotten friends, so very long ago.

Jan 11 2017

It seems like more and more developers are taking the “good to be bad” approach and doing more with it outside of murky moral justification. Mixing it with the nostalgia bubble makes for a nice soap for us to lather on our hedonistic body of gaming.