I need help.
And a Cosworth powerplant.
And a wide body kit.

Fair point, but this relatively close MR2 is driving me nuts. How guilty should I feel considering to daily drive this thing in road salt territory?

I’m still puzzled by the amount of Chrysler Lebaron convertible that showed off at the last antique car show that I attended. No Sebring though. Yet.

A Legacy SEDAN?? Are you sure that you where listening to the question?

Why some people describe a mix of sugar and vegetable oil as “delicious” is a great mystery to me. Read more

If you aim your rotation axis to the sun and put your array on a disc perpendicular to it, you don’t even need any moving part! But the array need to be stronger to sustain the centripetal force, which is a drawback. Read more

Lightweight body panels on a 3 doors Golf platform, fancy interior and turbocharged inline five. How hard can it be? Read more

Gran Turismo?

To everyone that seem to be confused by #1 and #5: Only road condition and temperature dictates if winter tires are useful, not date on a calender. Since a "too fast for road condition" law already exist, a simple change could be made to include unappropriated tires. Read more

That sound reasonable to me. Read more

They probably are yes. The problem in this case is that snowstorms are unaware of the date, something like "driving on tires inappropriate to the road conditions" should be more adequate. Read more

In Quebec you are mandated to have winter tires from December 15 to March 15. Now everybody have a good excuse to be "surprised by winter" on the bottom of a ditch on bald summer tires the 26 of November. Read more

Impreza Brighton.

A modern interpretation of the rolling objets d'art that where coachbuilded in the 30's. Huge hammered pieces of (ideally flammable) sheetmetal, ridiculous displacement, padded leather and polished silver, that should bring the price quite high.

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I am expecting a important British Villain role for these two gentlemen anytime soon.

Thank you for the inspiration, I was looking for a movie to watch tonight.

Even if it was made using renewable electricity, electrolysis induce another wasteful process between the source and the consumer VS pure electrical vehicles. If you are taking into consideration battery longevity and environmental impact, this can be an interesting alternative though. Read more

I didn't saw that one, the first episode contained too many "Hang On!!!!" scenes for my taste. Read more