Jul 15

I’ve been finding lots of comfort in Metroidvanias. I guess there’s an element of freedom there because you’re constantly breaking out of a confined area and becoming more powerful and gaining more methods of movement until you inevitably break out of the entire game area (or blow it up and escape the planet)

Jul 13

Hey, Land Rover, this is what you were supposed to do with the Defender.

Jul 8

The tactic has previously been mostly used by extremist jihadist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, as well as Palestinian militants. Read more

Jun 23

Can’t overstate how nice it is to have a fuckton of bowls for prep. they nest when storing, are easy to clean, and can be used for serving in a pinch. Read more

Can’t overstate how nice it is to have a fuckton of bowls for prep. they nest when storing, are easy to clean, and

Jun 4

What really drives the animation skill home is the closing scene where WALL-E briefly loses all his development. He looks exactly the same, but it’s immediately clear that there’s no personality in those eyes. I honestly have no idea how they did it.

May 13

Vegans get a bad rap because, like many groups, there is a small, very vocal, subset, that thinks it is the one true way and will miss no opportunity to tell you how terrible you are for not following it.  Most of them are perfectly nice people.

May 8

Would look great next to Springbok’s Little Red Riding Hood’s Hood jigsaw

Aug 24 2016

I make stuff. That’s the first crank I ever abused past the point of repair in my lemons car.

Apr 12 2016

If I was as rich as I am weird, I’d get an AMC Eagle ICON’D

Mar 15 2016

I love these videos, but why the heck would you want to peel a kiwi? The skin is where the flavour is, without that it would be the most boring fruit ever (except for the crackling pits. Love those.)

Feb 18 2016

Because every Jalop owns one. Will continue to own one, will dream about the first one they owned, and will never own anything else.

Nov 19 2015

This was bad, but not the worst, at least the bikes stayed the same. In Torque they swapped the entire bikes for the offroad scenes.

Nov 19 2015

MI2 also had a moment in one of the motorcycle chase scenes where Cruise does a stoppie while shooting at someone with the gun in his right hand. You know, the same right hand that should have been applying the brakes to do the stoppie to begin with.

Sep 28 2015

I loved mine. I described it to people as a nicer, RWD, German Civic. Great commuter, lightweight, surprisingly fun to drive, but not a lot of power. I think more people would have gotten it if they thought of it more along those lines.