Oct 15

Good list, but more importantly, I want to commend you for not putting this into the damnable slideshow format. 

Oct 6

I Like the idea of the hood on the roof, I’ll definitely implement that idea.

Oct 5

You call that a Possum?! That’s an Opossum. Possums are not indigenous to North America... side note actual possums are closely related to kangaroos.

Oct 2

I recently sold my 1970 Buick Wildcat convertible, so i know the pain of letting a beloved treasure go is only slightly less than the pain of it seeing it sit in a garage, unused. Read more

Aug 8

I know that plenty of professional sports have a few teams that benefit from better funding than the rest, but F1 is the only one I know of where it’s baked into the actual rules.” Read more

Aug 7

He doesn’t even have to really get out. All he needs is a board of directors who can take the heat while he sits on a yacht somewhere counting his billions. Once he is no longer the target of all this anger, his life improves materially and he doesn’t have to go places and tell lies.

Aug 5

To the troll Lizardo: no one cares what you think, here, or in real life. You are not worthy of love in your current form, and therefore no one really loves you. You know it’s true. No one loves you. You’re nothing.
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Jul 31

I realize this a criticism, but have you considered ordering them by day/time instead of series? I would like to max out my racing by day and sorting through the various series for Saturday or Friday isn’t the most efficient.  Either way, thanks for the info!

Jul 24

I’m sure Tamiya is far superior.  That doesn't change the fact that I'm having fantastic results with a $3.60 can after the 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby.  But thanks for your input? 

Jul 19

I thought Barron was “so good with these computers, it’s unbelievable.” Can’t Barron do the cyber and hack the TikTok mainframe and set them up the bomb?