Jan 26

Never take anything on track that you can’t afford to walk away from. If you can’t afford to walk away from your daily, then yeah, don’t track it.

I am privileged enough to be able to afford an Uber on Monday if I smash my car on Sunday.

Jan 26

Track rat here. I’ve seen ALL SORTS of things on the track. BMW SUVs, giant 70's lead sleds, and my personal favorite, Toyota Tacoma with a topper! Read more

Jan 26

As long as you can store a 3rd car, I am fully with you. Especially when a trackable car can be bought pretty cheap. Quick list of cheap fun cars: non-M E36/E46, Z3, NA/NB Miata, RX-8, late 90's thru early 00's Mustang GT’s. I’m sure there are a ton of cars I’m missing. Just keep the mods reasonable (like the ones Read more

Jan 26

The moral of the story here is that you don’t necessarily need to buy a second or third car specifically for track use. Read more

Jan 25

There are some after photos out there showing the police vehicle had the back glass completely broken out and some trim torn off. The crowd was not just standing around peaceably singing hymns. Read more

Jan 25

Tip to push the caliper piston back in: take one of the old brake pads and place it on the piston. Then use your tool to push on the old brake pad and it’ll apply an even downward force on the piston. This will prevent any rocking of the piston in its bore (if you were to do it like in the video) and will require less Read more

Jan 25

Disc brakes are a “teach-a-man-to-fish”, though. It only requires a few basic tools and there’s really not a lot to critically fuck up. Have a friend or relative who knows how to do it spot you the first time and you’re golden. Also, given the number of times I hear bare-metal-on-rotor when I wander around. . .

That Read more

Jan 21

This. This is the right answer. Loud, old school, unique.

Jan 21

I am disappointed in all of you. There is a history of bad decisions here and to reinforce that I submit the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Bonus is that there are probably almost none anywhere near there.

Jan 19

I honestly think Mike Lindell’s story would make for a fantastic future season of the Fargo TV series. Small business owner out of Minnesota makes a fortune selling pillows, gets way too full of himself, starts acting like a prophet, gets in deep with a corrupt businessman-turned-president, his reputation is ruined, ma Read more

Jan 13

Fiat/Chrysler/Whoeverownsthemnow paid off their R&D and tooling for this platform literally decades ago. Every 300/Charger they sell now is pure profit.

Jan 11

This explains a lot but I will still say that even if most of the protesters didn’t have a specific plan and got swept up in the exhilaration of the moment, they were still screaming shit like “heads on pikes!” and “hang Mike Pence!” and beating a cop to death with a flag etc. Read more

Jan 4

The Supra issue reminds me of when I was searching for a Cayenne GTS 6MT. Earlier on in my search, I was trying to figure out what years the GTS 6MT was made and would filter my searches for manuals only. I would get excited when dozens of newer Cayennes would show up, only to look at the listing photos and see that Read more

Dec 21

*now i’m going to put clothing styles in boxes and label them*

I’m gendered and was from an early age. I wear pants and shorts and t shirts. I would feel deeply uncomfortable wearing anything too tight or, alternatively, flowing. At the same time, clothes don’t signal who I am beyond a basic foundational shape for Read more