10:18 PM

This was his reaction when he managed to come back and talk to people. It disgusts me that I have to share my hobby and interests with the type of person that would do something like this to another human being for pure entertainment purposes.

I've been playing games for decades and nothing, NOTHING has made me more

7:19 PM

Wow, I have never read such a heartfelt and well thought out post. Just one problem, you wasted more time as that app install would have ever taken and all the processing cycles it will ever use just typing those posts defending why they are a waste of time, thereby proving your hyperefficiency to be a farce. Read more

9:07 AM

I don't care how cheesy and terrible Hackers is. I still love that movie.

2:53 PM

Not gunna lie, a product named "Patch My PC" sounds very much like crapware that could be advertised on TV to tech-illiterate viewers. Now, I'm not saying it is that, but the name just bears a striking resemblance.

8:34 PM

Question: Am i the only one who has never had any success with VLC on Windows or Android? It *usually* works, but just too often i'll get some horrible bug or unplayable file and i just can't rely on it.

11:27 PM

Yea very gaudy. Even if I had the money, wouldn't wear it. BUT still impressive and fun to watch.

2:40 PM

You poor bastard. Obscene force? They are bending in people's pockets. That's called normal force. Which phone is breaking in half? They did bend test on a Note 3 as well and that thing didn't budge, break, or become permanently bent. Yes, why would you want to change the battery? Maybe so I never need to hunt down a Read more

1:52 PM

Sure it is the best smart phone you can buy that can't use Tasker, has artificially limited NFC capability, has no way of customizing your desktop, can't use desktop widgets of any kind, can't change battery, can't add a memory card, permanently bends in your pocket, etc. etc.

2:26 PM

I'm a guy with not-particularly-large hands and I'm able to use my 5.2" LG G2 fine with one hand.

12:13 PM

It is kind of sad for this dinosaur here that Usenet is nowadays just a place to download copyrighted stuff. We had great times in college when it was used for discussions and just hanging out with friends. Oh, and the flamewars! Great times! Great times!

7:06 PM

I must be a masochist, but I absolutely love helping upgrade an old rig and then taking my time to neatly cable route everything. sure it'll get messed up the next time they have to add a new drive or upgrade the graphics card, but for that moment it's incredibly satisfying to see and think to yourself "this looks Read more

8:59 PM

This reminds me of early highschool. I was never a huge bizkit fan, but they were present. Now all we need is an Insane Clown Posse twitch, where they play Battlefield 4, and talk about the "good old days" for me to be thoroughly traumatized.