Oct 28

OK, the tires used are listed. But I still find it dumbfoundingly amazing that ANY tire is capable of withstanding the forces exerted on it at over 300mph. I mean, holy-effing-crap.

Oct 19

I think that might get to the core of my argument, if half of your country can shrug in the face of mass murder, and self justify their inaction there is a problem. I am almost at the point of suggesting that the reset button should be pressed, not on the human race, but politically. Demand that your representative is Read more

Oct 16

Except the Speed3 is a 2.3 FWD 4-cylinder Turbo, this is a 2.5 AWD 5-cylinder Turbo. But yeah totally the same thing because the suspensions might share some parts.

Oct 15

You can’t think that way when you’re dealing with an engine cooling system.

I always make it a point to replace my water pump, thermostat, fan clutch, and any hoses when I buy a vehicle with an unknown service history. 

A failure of any of those components could yield disaster, and quickly (okay, the bad fan clutch Read more

Oct 6

I just went through both posts from last year and cannot find Haunted Balloon and I would love to read it. Any help?

Sep 9

Things I’ve never done after getting drunk include: sexually assaulting someone, shooting someone, punching someone. And I think most guys I know fit into that, too. Any guy that does that, they’re just using the alcohol as an excuse, and count on that being their out.

Aug 25

Modification X introduces code that can not be verified to work with Component Z, K, and M. Tesla cannot honor the warranty as this may affect overall lifespan or usability of said components.” Read more

Jul 10

I guess your only option is the portable vent hose style AC unit then.

Jul 2

yeah, this is exactly my point. i’m not calling this dangerous and potentially murderous woman a “karen.

Jun 8

It’d be pretty funny if the guy was trying to commit insurance fraud.