Jul 2

yeah, this is exactly my point. i’m not calling this dangerous and potentially murderous woman a “karen.

Jun 8

It’d be pretty funny if the guy was trying to commit insurance fraud.

May 28

I guess her channel did provide enough income to get the outside care the child needed or they just didn’t want to pay for that level of care

May 26

Usually David is just irresponsible about his own safety. But this is fucking appalling.

May 26

So...You, Phil, Aida, Brandon, Steve, Chris, Adam,and whoever else is living at your house and Adam’s a state with more than 55,000 Covid-19 cases, and over 5200 deaths. Read more

May 26

That would actually be a good look for him. He appears to be a bit burned out on LA life.

May 24

I was thinking the exact same thing. It just looks like somebody’s late-90's project. Plus, I feel like if it was a real OEM project, it probably would have been black since that was kinda the signature color for Typhoons and Syclones. 

May 24

Seen a new Blazer the other day , something was already falling off the back of the thing . Looked terrible and already falling apart , it really didn’t give me much hope for GM .

May 20

Cheaper and in every color, with all the HD accessories installed to boot

May 15

Nah, this thing has Uncle Rich written all over it. If it went to Florida it would still be sitting half disassembled in Tavarish’s shop in 2025. I unsub’d him long ago, cause he’s just hype with none of the follow through. He has more incomplete projects than most other YouTubers combined. 

May 15

“We had sex a couple times, and it was fine. I didn’t get off. He kept saying “fucking goddamn you, [name]” while he was fucking me, which I didn’t really understand.” Read more

Apr 29

I have five siblings, so we had to split the GI Bill. I think only a semester (maybe two?) was covered. Between that, financial aid, and scholarships, I left college with a little over $20 grand in debt.

Apr 8

Face it, he could drive a water tanker truck full of covid-laced mucus through middle America spraying his rabid, toothless base and they’d cough all the way to the polls for him.

Apr 4

Then you are doing something very wrong unless you are a healthcare worker. If you are not a healthcare worker you and the 100 other ppl you work with are putting a huge amt of other ppl in danger. Read more