Oct 30 2017

Yeah I’m with you, this show lost it IMO. The shows message is that the real danger is the living and not the dead which is the exact opposite of how people really act. During natural disasters people almost always come together to help each other over other rivalries. I don’t really care for the characters and their Read more

Oct 17 2017

I just saw a Cayenne driving down Rt66 near Front Royal with a blown out rear that was shredded to the rim. I couldn’t believe my eyes and the driver was acting like nothing was wrong. Crazy.

Oct 13 2017

Man, remember when /Drive was awesome and on YouTube? Those were the days

Aug 24 2017

My guess was to mimic air resistance. Big boxy trailers are not the most aerodynamic things.

Aug 23 2017

“Luckily for Jon, the only person in the Seven Kingdoms aware of his parentage is Bran” Read more

Aug 2 2017

But doesn’t the extensive modifications to the plane to make it an “Air Force One” 747 require it to be built from scratch? Can they really just retrofit everything and still be cheaper?

Jul 18 2017

More two wheels bad on lanesplitter :/ - the motorcycle blog that doesn’t really like motorcycles...

Jun 23 2017

Don’t we have some treaty about not weaponizing space?

Jun 7 2017

And more death/accident/injury articles on LaneSplitter, the motoblog dedicated to #twowheelsbad Read more

Jun 5 2017

Another motorcycle crash on Lanesplitter?? No way! It’s almost like thats all they know how to write about... Read more

Jun 1 2017

Seriously, how the heck is this still a thing

May 30 2017

So I havn’t started watching yet, is the background music always like that? Seems way over the top and distracting.

May 22 2017

More crash articles from LaneSplitter, what else is new...

Apr 11 2017

Could you even imagine the interview with Kimi after he punches out because of catastrophic break failure at the end of the straight.

Apr 10 2017

But if we get fighter jet canopies then I’m going to want to see ejection seats. It’s a slippery slope

Mar 29 2017

But why, why did this happen? It looked like they were moving a little fast but nothing crazy and the turn didn’t seem too extreme. Was it some mechanical failure?

Jan 24 2017

How did you leave out the price? $189 bucks!! I know you get 450 feet but still..

Jan 5 2017

I think from a story standpoint you just have Snok tell Kilo that he has to kill his mother to complete his training. It’s super dark but it would solve the problem of writing Leia out and catapult Kilo Ren to super bad guy status.